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Schumer to Trump: Checkmate, Stupid!

I’m not much of a fan of Chuck Schumer (as everyone probably knows), but I think he did something clever here: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is planning to push for a provision in the next coronavirus package that would … Continue reading

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Always Gracious

Lord Damp Nut did NOT invite any of the Democrats to the signing ceremony for the COVID-19 relief bill.

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Well-Played, Chuck!

It looks like amply be-chinned #MoscowMitch has fallen for Chuck Schumer’s gambit: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) dismissed Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) call to have four White House witnesses testify in the Senate’s likely impeachment trial, arguing that … Continue reading

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Georgia On Our Minds

Senator Jonny Isakson (R-GA) has Parkinson’s disease and has announced that he will be resigning from the Senate at the end of this year.We wish Sen. Isakson well, as we wish everyone with Parkinson’s well, even Republicans. So here’s how … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Week/Weak, Again?!

Prznint Stupid met with Chuck-and-Nancy in what both sides called a productive discussion about a comprehensive, $2T Amero infrastructure package to repair and improve the nation’s roads, bridges and broadband networks. Almost everyone loves the idea (the guys at the … Continue reading

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UPDATED: About Yesterday…

Prznint Stupid, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi held a 15-minute boxing match in the Oval Office, as Walking Termite Buffett Mike Pence watched in silence and became a meme as Mother Pence would not approve of him talking to a woman. Also, the … Continue reading

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Will the Dims Get Rolled Again? Some Say No!

I found this post at Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) strangely encouraging: “Donald Trump’s meeting Tuesday with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer may go a long way toward determining whether the government enters a partial shutdown before Christmas. … Continue reading

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‘Oops,’ Part Infinity

New York Post: Schumer got $50K in donations from Facebook — and his daughter got a job Facebook employees, including some at the top of its corporate pyramid, have helped fill Schumer’s campaign coffers – and he’s returned the favor by … Continue reading

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UpChuck Schumer Gets Played Again

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer agreed to a deal last week to confirm 15 federal judges nominated by Prznint Stupid in exchange for allowing Senate Democrats to go home and campaign, instead of just letting them miss the damn votes while Democrats … Continue reading

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‘You like me, you really like me!’ (Part Infinity)

It’s enough to gag a maggot: ‘He likes us. He likes me, anyway,’ Mr. Schumer was overheard saying on the Senate floor on Thursday, adding that he had told the president, ‘You’re much better off if you can sometimes step … Continue reading

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