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He’s Feeling Relevant Again!

Those of you who follow my tweeter-twatter feed probably say this tweet last night: Traitor Joe Lieberman, founder of the Connecticut for Lieberman party, wrote an opinion piece in the eff’ing WSJ urging Democrats to vote for Crowley in the … Continue reading

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About Last Night…

2018 Pie Fight Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeat of Rep. Joe Crowley was the story of the night. (Pratchett fans will pardon me if I accidentally type Crawley, please*). She is young, he is not; she is a woman, he is not; … Continue reading

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The Comity/Comedy of the Senate

Mike Pompeo’s nomination to be our top diplomat has moved from the Senate Foreign Relations committee, passing 11 – 9 – 1 (“present”), and in a dramatic loss of principle, Schrödinger’s Senator, the physics paradox known in this dimension as … Continue reading

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Blue Dogs To The Rescue of the GOP. Again.

The Hill: “Two Senate Democrats came out in support on Monday of confirming CIA Director Mike Pompeo as the next secretary of State, giving him a jolt of momentum ahead of vote later this afternoon on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. … Continue reading

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Hey Guys, Nancy Pelosi is Not ‘The Clash’

…and so quit asking if she should stay or if she should go. That’s her decision. Anyway, one of the more predictable outcomes of the Conor Lamb win last week was a renewed focus on Nancy Pelosi. You see, even … Continue reading

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This is Awesome

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has spoken for a 6-hour, marathon speech on the Dreamers. The House, unlike the Senate, does NOT have a filibuster, so this took a parliamentary maneuver not really seen before to pull it off. “The … Continue reading

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Budget Show Down: A Road to Nowhere

Yesterday, Comrade Stupid said that he would wanted a government shut down if he didn’t get his wall.With the government about to go bust again, and the debt ceiling closing in on the treasury, he could get his wish. Tiger … Continue reading

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What He Said

No More Mr. Nice Blog nails it. Comment over there.

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Al Franken Resigns

The Dims are always ingenious in finding new ways to attack themselves. Instead of demanding resignations from ADMITTED serial sex fiend Donald Trump, and Blake Farenthold and ganging up on alleged child molester Roy Moore, they focused on Al Franken. … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Long-time conspiracy theorist Cliff Kincaid is going to have a Little Kremlin-On-The-Potomac conspiracy theory conference at the National Press Club on… wait for it… CONSPIRACY!!1! The public policy group America’s Survival, Inc. headed by veteran journalist … Continue reading

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