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More, Please

Growing up poor, all I had was the American dream. It kept me going: as a kid sleeping on the floor, a student scrubbing toilets, a Marine losing brothers in Iraq. Today, too many Arizonans see their dream slipping away. … Continue reading

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Go Ruben, Go!

Ruben Gallego has announced he’s in the race to be the Terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan’s next Democratic Senator and Sen. Joe Manchin III said Sunday he will support the reelection of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona independent, over any Democratic … Continue reading

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Report: Banana Republic is Full of Bananas Republicans

It’s Floriduh, Jake The article in the WaPo is nominally about Floriduh Democrats in Disarray, but when you read it carefully, it’s really about the bugnuts: More than two months after enduring humbling midterm losses, Democrats in Florida are in … Continue reading

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Many of you have pointed to Hakeem Jeffries speech from last night and it is pretty good, almost Obama-like.

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There Is A Club

Being a slow news Sunday in December, I decided to read a longer piece in Politico that I’ve had in an open tab for a few days, Inside the turmoil roiling No Labels’ unity ticket presidential campaign because it is … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid?

Mother Jones: “He’s a shame to Democrats… I don’t even know why he’s running. He seems to want to get Republicans voting for him — what kind of strategy is that?” Kyrsten Sinema. The he? Traitor Joe Lieberman.

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Secret Sauce or The Mojo No-No?

🤔 — Bob Casey Jr. (@Bob_Casey) December 7, 2022 Sweet Jeebus, no.

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Snatching Defeat

This cannot be real: NEW – in recent days, several frontliners have raised the idea to Jeffries and the leadership team of appointing an outsider to be the DCCC chair if it ends up being picked by leadership. One name … Continue reading

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Nancy Smash: Parting Words

Speaker Pelosi just said on the House floor, “I have enjoyed working with 3 presidents.” She served as Speaker under 4 presidents. Perfect. — No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen (@NoLieWithBTC) November 17, 2022

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The End of an Era

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (and the rest of the leadership in the House) has stepped down, but will remain in Congress. Politico’s email thingie: PELOSI TAKES A BOW — Speaker NANCY PELOSI will step aside as House Democrats’ top leader after … Continue reading

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