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Saddle-Up Another Goat! Maybe?

This is the most Joe Biden thing ever: “A verbal slip by the former vice president brought a crowd of Democrats in his home state of Delaware to their feet on Saturday, encapsulating the feverish speculation that he intends to … Continue reading

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Dims: Hands-Off The Trump Crime Family!

Oh, sweet baby Jeebus, here we go again: “House Democrats have already gone to war with President Donald Trump. But there’s one target they’re skittish of hitting too hard: his children. “In public and private, Democrats see potential pitfalls in … Continue reading

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DNC Has A Moment of Clarity

It seems incredible to me that this even had to be debated let alone announced: “The Democratic National Committee (DNC) will not allow Fox News to televise any of its primary debates, with chairman Tom Perez citing a recent article … Continue reading

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Snatching Victory Away

Axios takes on the topic that is burning up our own comment thread: ITMFA! (emphasis theirs): House Democratic leaders worry impeachment proceedings could backfire if they move too fast. So they plan to pursue a slow-bleed strategy with lengthy public … Continue reading

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You Think There’s No Difference Between The Parties? Think Again!

The Senate has confirmed former coal industry lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to lead the EPA, which is responsible for ensuring we have clean air and safe drinking water. It was a party-line vote, 52 -47 (one senator was not present?). “Why … Continue reading

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UPDATED: The National Emergency That Isn’t

Today is the day that Nancy Pelosi will hold a vote to rebuke Prznint Stupid for declaring a national emergency at the border. It is expected to easily be passed by the House and then splat onto amply be-chinned Mitch … Continue reading

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Breaking: The #NationalEmergency isn’t!

Axios (formatting theirs): House Democrats have introduced a resolution to block President Trump’s national emergency declaration to fund his border wall. Why it matters: If the bill passes the House, the Senate would then be forced to take it up … Continue reading

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On Talk of Impeachment

Spare me. Please take note that in the event of impeachment of a President the House files the indictment, but the Senate conducts the trial. What do you think would happen if Pelosi indicted Trump? Given the balance of the … Continue reading

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Game, Set, and Match: Pelosi

Boom! “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent President Trump a letter Wednesday stating that the House “will not consider a resolution authorizing the President’s State of the Union in the House Chamber until the government has opened.” Prznint Stupid is considering … Continue reading

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The Morning Quote

Axios morning email thingie provides us with the accidentally funniest line of the morning in a story about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Beto O’Rourke being phenomenons as political artists. It seems the Usual Suspects don’t know what to make … Continue reading

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