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Goodbye, Democracy, Thanks for the Memories, I Hope we Meet Again in my Lifetime

Hate, intolerance and fear of non-white Christians has become so mainstream and normalized by Trump, his surrogates and our lawmakers, that in six short months, we’ve forgotten what democracy looks and feels like. The Trump regime is winning. They’ve undermined … Continue reading

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Blog Against Theocracy 2015

In which we celebrate the wisdom of our founding fathers for putting The First Amendement, well, first. Continue reading

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Employee Non-Discrimination Act Needs to include…

…discrimination against political parties, too? Viviana Janer is a Democratic nominee campaigning for a seat on the Osceola County Commission. She’s also newly jobless. Her longtime employer, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, fired her after giving her an ultimatum: Quit the campaign … Continue reading

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How Much Is That Judge In The Window?

Remember when Howard Dean had his 50 State Strategy? Remember when the G.W. Bush administration was stacking courts with their brand of justices? What happens when you combine the two concepts for nefarious reasons matched with massive amounts of anonymous … Continue reading

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Romneggedon, Micro Political Satire Series, Episode #2

Meet Mish, Freedom Fighter for the Womb Warrior Resistance played by the insanely talented, Julie Goldman If we don’t vote for Obama, Romney will wage vaginal warfare on women. Women will no longer be able to get safe and legal … Continue reading

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The Sunday Talkies

More dissembling from our free an unfettered press, fellow citizens. I gave up annotating around Washington Watch with Roland Martin, so you are on your own. –Tengrain Dancing with the Gregory: Sen. Marco Rubio (Liar-FL); Rep. Darrell Issa (Car Thief-CA); … Continue reading

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Some Analysis, Some Drama

One of our on-the-ground in Wisconsin operatives, Scissorhead Zombie Rotten McDonald says: by the exit polls, somewhere around 60% of the voters in Wisconsin felt that the recall was inappropriate, and should be reserved, at the least, for criminal misbehavior. … Continue reading

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Write-in votes

It’s not surprising that the special election to replace populist perv Anthony Weiner ended up with Anthony Weiner winning the most write-in votes, but he was up against some stiff competition: Disgraced former congressman of the district Anthony Weiner received … Continue reading

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