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Wyoming Is At Your Cervix, Ladies

Wyoming, the land that Blam-Blam and his daughter used to represent, where men are men and sheep wear garters,  has taken the bold step to be the first state in the country to explicitly ban abortion pills: CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Wyoming

Guys, in the land of nervous sheep, er, Wyoming Republicans are fighting AGAINST RAISING THE AGE OF CONSENT TO 16. The Wyoming Republican Party is seeking to kill a bill working its way through the state Legislature proposing to raise … Continue reading

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About Last Night…

OK, Liz lost, bigly, to Donald Trump, and the people of The Big Empty, er, Wyoming elected a certifiable nutcase to replace Cheney (and lets face it, Hageman does not need to campaign for November, she’s the Representative-elect at this … Continue reading

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Hey Wyoming, Whaddup?

Wyoming, where the cowboys roam free and the livestock is nervous, is considering doing what, now? “Multiple bills proposed for a three-day special legislative session this week would allow students and their parents to forgo legally mandated vaccines to attend … Continue reading

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Polite Disagreement in Wyoming

Ah, the midwest heartland , where good Xristian healthy family values people can have polite disagreements about vaccinations and remain friends, unlike the rest of us uncouth filthy hippies on the coasts… Park County GOP official sends obscene email to … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink, Wyoming-Style

Happy Hour News Governor Gordon Announces Removal of Statewide Mask Requirement, Lifts All Restrictions on Bars, Restaurants and Theaters I guess The Gret Stet of Wyoming (motto: Gateway to South Dakota!) doesn’t want to be left out of the Crazee … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Unbelievable: The GQP in Wyoming is censuring Blam-Blam’s little squirt. Liz Cheney becomes latest House Republican to be censured by state party for her vote to impeach Trump (CNN)The Wyoming Republican Party voted Saturday to formally censure … Continue reading

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K-Mac Goes To Floriduh

kevin mccarthy at madame tussauds today — blaire erskine (@blaireerskine) January 28, 2021 We don’t know if he brought red and pink Starbursts. Anyway, if anyone had any doubts about it, the GOP = Trump = The Coup Klux … Continue reading

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Some Cream With Your Morning Stupid?

Crazee States Wyoming GOP chair: Western states ‘paying attention’ to Texas effort to secede “The chairman of the Wyoming Republican Party on Friday said Western states are “paying attention” to the effort by some in Texas’ far-right to try to … Continue reading

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