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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Jump for Jeebus! Josh Bernstein is calling for insurrection! What is it with these mooks? They are controlling EVERYTHING and if the citizens of America’s Lab for Bad Policy decide to elect a Democrat, then they … Continue reading

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Ah, Texas!

Crazee States ABC reports the new laws and so whatnot in Texas, and they included this: Handgun license fees lowered Concealed firearms owners in Texas will enjoy having the lowest license fees in the U.S. come September. Lawmakers passed an amendment … Continue reading

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I’m Shocked. Shocked I Say

Rep. Blake Farenthold used taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment claim brought by his former spokesman — the only known sitting member of Congress to have used a little-known congressional account to pay an accuser, people familiar with the … Continue reading

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Rep. Joe Barton Comes Up Short

NEW: Texas Rep. Joe Barton not seeking re-election after nude photo scandal — CBS News (@CBSNews) November 30, 2017 What are the tools of this trade? What penetrative insight does the Barton provide for his replacement? The meat of … Continue reading

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Ah, Texas! Paxton: ‘Stop the insanity, bring MORE guns to church’

How much blood money did the NRA give you, AG Paxton? “Blessed are the piece makers…” Yeah, the Beatitudes really need a Die Hard angle, Ken. Assrocket.

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What We’re Reading

David Horsey, writing in the LATimes, points out something so obvious that it slipped right past me: Hurricane Harvey has exposed the weakness of the three shibboleths that have been the guiding political philosophy for two generations of Republicans. Those … Continue reading

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Ah, Texas!

Texas, the US Lab for Bad Policy is gearing up for a special session of the Lege: …because those religious freedom bills consisting of where people cannot pee as as important to Greg Abbot’s Texas as they were to Mike … Continue reading

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Texas: Are There No Poorhouses Anymore?

Harris County takes bail suit to U.S. Supreme CourtIn emergency filing, Harris County aims to halt release of poor inmates Harris County took the fight over its controversial bail system to the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, even as county … Continue reading

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Ah, Texas!

Threats of violence, unfinished business, rowdy protesters mark end of tumultuous legislative session AUSTIN — Lawmakers threatened to shoot and beat one another up on the final day of a legislative session beset by angry fights and emotional outbursts that … Continue reading

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Texas: ‘Show Us Your Papers’

The U.S. Lab for Bad Policy continues to excel in bad policy: (CNN)Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday signed a bill that would ban sanctuary cities in his state. The bill, which Abbott could be seen signing on Facebook Live … Continue reading

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