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One Lump of Stupid or Two?

He seems nice: Anti-Abortion Republican Deletes Account After Being Outed as MILF Reply Guy Jarrod Golden, the GOP candidate for county auditor in Franklin County, Ohio, hit the like button on dozens of images of “hot mom bods” from adult … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Wisconsin…

It looks like the general election battle starts NOW for the dumbest man in the Senate, and human catfish (look at that mouth!) RoJo: (CNN)Wisconsin state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski ended her US Senate campaign on Friday as the field in the … Continue reading

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When the hypothetical becomes factual

In a country of 340M+ people, every hypothetical is an eventual actual, and the worst-case scenario for the fetus-fondlers actually happened: a 10-year old girl was raped and had to leave her Gawd Bothering home state of Ohio to have … Continue reading

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Whaddup, Ohio?

Ohio doesn’t trust the teachers with the curriculum, but has decided to trust teachers with guns: As Congress wrestles over gun control, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) signed into law a bill Monday that would arm more schoolteachers by reducing … Continue reading

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Ohio Republicans Want To Examine Your Kids Junk

Get ready, OH, the Republicans are only getting started. Ohio Republicans have decided that they want to oogle your kids junk if they play sports: FFS, Republicans are legislating the right to check your kids junk. Think about that. reading

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Hey-Ho, Ohio, What’s Up?

Ohio Senate candidate and Hillbilly effigy, JD Vance, the Yale-educated hedge-funder who was hand-selected by billionaire Libertarian Peter Thiel and endorsed by Lord Damp Nut, continues to have authenticity problems: Interesting move: Josh Mandel’s backer, the Club for Growth, is … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Fraud to Endorse Phoney: Former President Donald Trump is planning to endorse J.D. Vance in Ohio’s crowded Senate GOP primary, according to three sources with knowledge of his decision. In recent days, Trump began calling donors and … Continue reading

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Area Republican Reads Rick Scott’s 11-Point Plan

Well, we found the first Republican who is tightly cleaving to Rick Scott’s 11-point plan. Let’s meet Ohio’s would-be US Senator Mike Gibbons! COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Mike Gibbons, a leading Republican Senate candidate from Ohio, said at a media … Continue reading

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Ohio US Senate Candidate Seems Nice

And no, we are not talking about J.D. Vance —Peter Thiel’s hand-selected, ersatz hillbilly with authenticity problems— this is Mike Gibbons, who is very much an enthusiast of widely discredited The Bell Curve: Describing a class with “mostly Asians” during his … Continue reading

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Hey-Ho, O-Hi-O, Whaddup?

We all know guys who overcompensate for their inadequacies, and that description fits the guys in the Senate race to a T. I’m different. I’m the MAGA conservative with a backbone. WATCH my new ad below: — Jane Timken … Continue reading

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