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Trump Announces White Flight to Floriduh!

So this happened yesterday: And that’s gonna leave a mark for our racist-in-chief. How do I know? Hair Füror on  Thumbhead’s  interview last night: “All the merchants along Fifth Avenue are furious. … New York is not the place that … Continue reading

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Floriduh Man

Pensacola, Florida: Florida Man says he's wearing underwear on his head to protest mask mandates. We’re doomed… — Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) July 3, 2020 The polo shirt with the sleeves cut off is a nice touch, too.

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Breaking: Floriduh is Eff’ed

Axios Alert: Florida reports massive single-day increase of 9,000 coronavirus cases Florida on Friday reported nearly 9,000 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours totaling 122,960 cases. Meanwhile, Prznint Stupid is moving ahead full speed with his convention plans for Jacksonville, … Continue reading

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And speaking of the Trump-Virus: Florida, Texas and Arizona all set records for the most cases they have reported in a single day “The virus continued its steady spread across the Sun Belt on Tuesday, with state officials in Arizona, … Continue reading

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Floriduh Priestess Takes Action!

Jump for Jeebus! You’d think our old pal, self-proclaimed prophet and noted weather warrior Kat Kerr would be all ye Olde Testament-y, eye-for-an-eye for killing one of Gawd’s children, and you would be wrong. She is more concerned about poor, … Continue reading

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Checkmate, Convention-Style

Guys, the RNC and North Carolina are fighting again! Republican officials planning their party’s convention swapped their list of demands with North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper this week, ahead of the August event in Charlotte. On Monday, President Trump threatened … Continue reading

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Floriduh Man

Buzzfeed: Travis LaBazzo was hoping his small protest calling for Florida leaders to reopen gyms would get national attention, so when a news chopper hovered over the group of about 30 people, he called on everyone to drop down and … Continue reading

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Crazee State Race Updated!

Possum Hollar is determined to get their moonshine to the market! These 4 States Are Reopening Businesses Over The Next Two Weeks As The Coronavirus Pandemic Continues Governors in several states said they’re eager to restart their local economies, even … Continue reading

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FL and GA Are Neck-and-Neck!

It’s like Floriduh and Georgeduh are competing in the Dumbass Olympics! Floriduh Gov. Ron DeSantis allowed Florida beaches to reopen as the state’s coronavirus cases surpassed 25,000. Georgeduh Gov. Kemp announced that gyms, hair salons, nail salons, barbershops, and bowling … Continue reading

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Fashion Week Continues!

The trikini is all the rage in Florida this season. (Hat tip: Scissorhead Dennis Cole)

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