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Floriduh: Welcome To Black History Month

Ah Floriduh, where the debris meets the sea, is embracing an Advanced Placement Black History program, you know, with a couple of edits: After heavy criticism from Gov. Ron DeSantis, the College Board released on Wednesday an official curriculum for … Continue reading

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Report from Florida: Literacy Today

Fahrenheit 451 was an inspiration to unlikable whiney, nasal-voiced Gov. DeSanctimonious: Hide your books to avoid felony charges, Fla. schools tell teachers Students arrived in some Florida public school classrooms this month to find their teachers’ bookshelves wrapped in paper … Continue reading

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News From Where The Debris Meets The Sea

2024 Goat Rodeo candidate and whiney Floriduh gubnor Ron DeSanctimonious likes to lecture the press from grammar schools because small furniture makes him look bigger. Anyway, the Ron explains his evil and racist agenda applies, er, well something: DeSantis is asked … Continue reading

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Report: Banana Republic is Full of Bananas Republicans

It’s Floriduh, Jake The article in the WaPo is nominally about Floriduh Democrats in Disarray, but when you read it carefully, it’s really about the bugnuts: More than two months after enduring humbling midterm losses, Democrats in Florida are in … Continue reading

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Greg Abbott, Rolling Blunder, Boldly Enters 2024 Goat Rodeo

Self-proclaimed Xristian and America’s leading roller Nazi, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas, America’s Lab for Bad Policy) sent three busloads of undocumented immigrants to Washington DC on Christmas Eve, because… maybe there was no room at the inn? He was so devoted … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Floriduh

Here’s the full video because nothing I could tweet could possibly explain what is going on here. — Frank Guzman (@fguzmanon7) December 21, 2022 Totally having a normal one, for Floriduh, I guess?

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Area Book-Burner To Publish Book

2024 Goat Rodeo Update Floriduh’s charisma-challenged fascist, noted for banning books on subjects with which he disagrees (all of ‘em, Katie!) has a contract to publish a memoir due out in February 2023: He played baseball for Yale, graduated with … Continue reading

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Florida’s Clown Shortage and Competing Birthday Parties

The Count of Mostly Crisco, Hair Füror hisself is coming to Floriduh to campaign for Marco ‘Big Gulp’ Rubio, the Cold Warrior for a New Generation, and beloved grandson figure of Wingnuts over the age of 73 and under the age … Continue reading

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So There Was A Debate in Floriduh Last Night

So there was a debate last night in the Fatherland of Floriduh and by pretty much all counts, Democrat Charlie Crist mopped the floor with notable Fascist Ron DeSantis. Our pals at Electoral-Vote summed it up thusly: Last night, Gov. … Continue reading

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It’s E-Z to Vote In Floriduh, If You Are A Republican

This takes some brass: after making early voting, drop boxes, and mail-in ballots difficult if not unavailable in Floriduh, fascist Republican goblin, er, Governor Ron DeSantis is making those voting mechanisms available to the Republican-leaning counties hard hit by hurricane … Continue reading

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