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WTF Is The Matter With Kansas This Time?

Axios: Kansas’ incumbent Republican Governor Jeff Colyer has conceded to Sec. State Kris Kobach after a razor-thin primary fight. Only two incumbent governors in Kansas have lost their bid for re-election before — the last time in 1956. I know, … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs He’s baaaa-ack! Yes, one-term, Florida Congressman Allen West (R-Torturer) says he’s gonna get back in that saddle and run again! (Allen West) I ran about five miles down here this morning in Washington D.C. but yes … Continue reading

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What’s The Matter With Kansas This Time?

He Seems Nice: “A Republican congressional candidate [Steve Fitzgerald] in a Kansas race Democrats are targeting in November told an audience at a party meeting this month that “outside of Western civilization there is only barbarism.” Oh? “During his more-than-30-minute … Continue reading

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The Crazee State of Alabama, Y’all!

Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) wants Pooty-Poot to know that y’all are welcome to come-back now, ya hear! “Most countries would meddle and play in our domestic elections if they could, and some of them have,” the Washington Examiner quoted Sen. … Continue reading

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Ah, Texas!

Two stories caught my eye this morning: Supreme Court upholds most Texas election districts over charges of racial discrimination Justice Gorsuch continues to pay dividends to Possum Hollar: WASHINGTON — A sharply divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that Texas did … Continue reading

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Bad Headlines, Cont.

How come you mooks never told me about the national treasure that is Florida? Anyway, here’s our headline: Florida Man Bites Neighbor’s Ear Off Over a Cigarette Yes, it is old, but damn! After the ATM beating last night, I … Continue reading

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Bad Headlines, Cont.

It’s from Florida, where else?

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What’s Up, Illinois Republicans?

Man, Illinois is giving the Crazee State Contest a run for the money, or the Republicans there anyway. Besides the actual Nazi running for congress, the Republicans have nominated a 911-Truther/Birther/Illuminati enthusiast for another seat! Play to your strengths, says … Continue reading

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Crazee State Alert!

Here we go again in the terrible sand kingdom of Arizonastan, they look around and see no signs of evolution therefore: Evolution wording removed from draft of Arizona school science standards “The Arizona Department of Education hopes to make changes … Continue reading

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CO Representative Doug Lamborn: ‘Oops’

This is to laugh: Washington (CNN)The Colorado Supreme Court kicked Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn off the primary ballot Monday, throwing the six-term lawmaker’s political future into doubt. The court ruled that a person who Lamborn had hired to circulate petitions … Continue reading

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