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It’s All About You, Madge

Man, she’s as much of a narcissist as TFG:   Marge says Herschel lost because his campaign team didn’t want her to speak at any of his campaign events, which she “found extremely insulting.” — Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) … Continue reading

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Terrible Person is Terrible

  Rep. 3-Names/Toes didn’t waste a moment between the slaughter at the gay nightclub in Colorado and agitating for more LGBTQ+ violence, but the rebuttal to her smear is perfect: You mean pedophiles like MILO YIANNOPOULIS who “interned” for you … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News 3-toed sentient jar of mayonnaise and Georgeduh Rep. Perjury Taylor Greene has been re-instated on Twitter: I'm the only Member of Congress the unelected big tech oligarchs permanently banned. On January 2, 2022, they violated my freedom … Continue reading

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Rep. 3-Names Figured Out Something That Won’t Happen

Guys, Madge is threatening to defund the Special Counsel Jack Smith, who was just appointed by our feckless AG Merrick Garland: Holman Rule. Look it up!@GOPLeader is going to put it in place. That means no money for Garland’s politically … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Madge?

Ah, when Sisterhood was in flower… During a call in show last night, Marjorie Taylor Greene dismissed a woman who criticized her abortion views over her age, repeatedly telling her things like, "I know you say it's your body your … Continue reading

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¡GASP! Rep. 3-Names Lied In A Debate, Can You Believe It?

Guys, I know this will come as a shock, so please be seated as you read this: Perjury Taylor Greene lied in a debate!!1! “You cannot accuse me of insurrection. I was a victim of the January 6 riot just … Continue reading

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Georgia Representative Has Unusual Understanding of First Amendment

No matter what you think of Alex Jones all he did was speak words. He was not the one who pulled the trigger. Were his words wrong and did he apologize? Yes. That’s what freedom of speech is. Freedom to … Continue reading

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Rep. 3-Names Wants Some Privacy, Cont.

So this happened at Hair Füror’s 3-Minute Hate Rally yesterday: Marjorie Taylor Greene: "I am not going to mince words with you all. Democrats want Republicans dead and they have already started the killings." This rhetoric is dangerous and unacceptable. … Continue reading

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Professional Courtesy: Republicans Vote Against Mental Health Care

This slipped past me yesterday, I was so fixated on watching Florida literally turn into their state motto: where the debris meets the sea. 205 Republicans vote against School-Based Mental Health Services — Acyn (@Acyn) September 29, 2022 Anyway, … Continue reading

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Gents, She’s Back On The Market

America’s Sweatheart, Madge, is being dumped by her husband of 27 years. No reason was given, but according to TMZ MTG’s husband, Perry Greene, beelined it to court Tuesday and filed to divorce the Congresswoman from Georgia after 27 years … Continue reading

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