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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Noted firefighter/prophet Mark Taylor is trying to tell us sumpin’… but what? I’ve seen that the Q-Spiracy theorist says that OBL is still alive (Imma guess he’s bunking with JFK Jr., probably on the FAKE moon landing … Continue reading

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Cause Meets Effect

Hey guys, remember the Trump Militia dudes who were down with kidnapping Gov. Whitmer of Michigan because she was trying to rob them of their freedumbs to be un-masked and die, like the heroes and patriots that they are, and … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Firefighter/self-proclaimed prophet/q-spiracey theorist Mark Taylor has turned also into a fashion critic: QAnon conspiracy theorist and so-called "firefighter prophet" Mark Taylor claims that Nancy Pelosi's orange mask was "an assassination code" worn to activate "someone that's out … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs Firefighter/Prophet/Qspiracy theorist Mark Taylor wants to warn us all that The New World Order has infiltrated the Q-Spiracy, and you’ll never guess who the Judas is this time: So-called "firefighter prophet" Mark Taylor warns that Franklin … Continue reading

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It’s a Q-Spiracy, I Tells Ya, Part the Infinity

Because of course this happened: A Member Of Congress Is Facing Death Threats After QAnon Went After Him WASHINGTON — Last month, the House Republican campaign committee falsely accused Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski of lobbying to “protect sexual predators.” On … Continue reading

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It’s a Q-Spiracy, I Tells Ya!

NBC tells us that it’s all in the branding: QAnon leaders look to rebrand after tech crack downs Facing crackdowns from tech companies that limit the reach of their content, leaders in the QAnon conspiracy theory movement have been urging … Continue reading

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Tillis Joins The Q-Spiracy!

Wut? The Trump-Virus is a plot to make Americans keep their distance, and not many have died from it.

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Trolls in the News

The Daily Beast reveals a troll in Dr. Fauci’s office: The managing editor of the prominent conservative website RedState has spent months trashing U.S. officials tasked with combating COVID-19, dubbing White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci a … Continue reading

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Bad Signs, Cont.

I knew it! The little jerks are spies! IT GOES RIGHT TO THE TOP, SHEEPLE!!1!

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The Passage of the Day

Time Magazine: “…This matters not just because of what these voters believe but also because of what they don’t. The facts that should anchor a sense of shared reality are meaningless to them; the news developments that might ordinarily inform … Continue reading

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