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September 11: Falling into History

[Ed. Note: We’ve been running this post since the blog began. It is from the SF Chronicle a lifetime ago, from 2006 when we were younger and perhaps less cynical. And given how Prznint Stupid tried to bring the Taliban … Continue reading

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Today’s Irony Alert

I have no idea what set our Stable Genius off this time (I totally know), but Prznint McTwitter went on a tear AGAINST Fox News last night. I’d post them all, but there are too many, and you can easily … Continue reading

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‘Oops,’ Said Faceberg

Axios tells us that Facebook said it’s planning for a possible $3 billion to $5 billion privacy fine that would set a record for the Federal Trade Commission. Why dat fine, you ask (emphasis mine): “Facebook took a $3 billion … Continue reading

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SCOTUS To Rule on Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination, for Jeebus

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear three cases which will set the stage for a YUGE civil rights decision next year on whether LGBTQ employees are protected nationwide from being fired or not hired under the federal law that … Continue reading

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What to Expect When You Are Expecting The Worst

The LATimes gives us a primer on executive power, in terms of what Hair Führer Donald Trump* can and cannot do: Could Trump ban Muslims from coming to the U.S.? Legal experts have said he probably could: Noncitizens seeking to … Continue reading

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Who’s Trump Kicking Out of the Country Today?

And so it has come to this: Hair Furer Donald Trump tells his favorite Fox News testicle cozy (Sean Hannity) that he would racially profile and kick out people like the father of the Orlando Shooter: If it were up … Continue reading

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Louisiana: We DO Serve Your Kind Here Now

Gov. John Bel Edwards signed an executive order Wednesday barring state discrimination against gay Louisianans. Boy exorcist Bobby Jindal (the previous governor) signed an executive order that protected government workers in that state from repercussions for discriminating against LGBTQ people. … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Ireland…

…you’ve surpassed the USA on civil rights and liberties: Ireland has voted to legalize gay marriage, both sides say (It’s a WaPo article, so reflexively they put in a Both Sides…): “As the official ballot counting continued, the only question … Continue reading

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The Morning Quote

NotChimpy Jeb Bush made yet another trip to (dead Jerry Falwell’s) Liberty University (accredited in some locals, but not all), and to give the commencement address to Wingnuttia’s Yutes of Today. “Somebody here is being small-minded and intolerant, and it … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

In which we learn that each branch of the government is not beholden to any other branch of the government, according to Ben Carson, Konstitooshunal Skaller. Continue reading

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