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Bad Ads in the News

The terrorists have won? Sweet Jeebus, if Sam Adams had made a reference to gawd, all hell would have broken loose from Xristian Xrazies that they were taking the lord’s name in vain to sell demon booze, card playing, and … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

I’m still in holiday mode… (And now the PC part: addiction is not witty or pretty and no one likes a drunk.)

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Great Ads, Cont.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. (H/T Scissorhead The Charm School Dropout via the electronic email device.)

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Bad Ads, cont.

Because nothing makes you healthy and happy like being smashed all winter. See the Russians if you want proof. (Hat tip: Scissorhead Mr. C. Montgomery Burns)

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Bad Ads, cont.

MPS Halloween Coverage, cont. Oh, Mary (Shelley), you’ve created a Monster! (Hat tip: Scissorhead Mr. C. Montgomery Burns)

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Today in Magical Panties

Thanks to Canadian operative Scissorhead Dimitrios we learn of multiple, interesting daring-do’s in the land of Golden Plated Magical Panties. As you may recall a few weeks back, Mock, Paper, Scissors brought you the breaking news that Idaho exists (and … Continue reading

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This exists

…but for some reason, you cannot buy it in Utah Idaho. (if Idaho really exists. I have my doubts…thanks for the correction everyone.) (BuzzFeed)

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Bad Ideas, cont.

(BuzzFeed) …or you could just use a bottle opener. Naw… (Disclaimer – I’ve done a few of these, and they are more difficult than they look.)

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The Painter of Light…

Salon …died of an accidental overdose from mixing booze and Valium, which he was taking to get over the jaggies from quitting booze. No snark, it’s a sad ending. (Mercury News)

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Disney’s lastest entry to the Hall of Presidents…

…is smarter than the real thing. Introducing the Chimpy McStagger animatron. Notice how the other presidents are, um, well, er, notice them. Happy Presidents’ Day – it’s our Democracy, enjoy it!

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