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The Death of the Media, Cont.

CNN scoops the world and has a right-wing former blogger on to say *gasp* Hair Führer Donald Trump might be nuts: Cry me a eff’ing river, Sullivan. Where were you for the last 18 months when all of us uncouth, … Continue reading

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Go Read Spocko’s Brain

The much-esteemed Spocko’s Brain has a really great post up: Weaseling Out of Things Is A Core Trump Skill that everyone should read. I’ll wait here until you return. The other day I highlighted this tweet that I thought was … Continue reading

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The Jon Swift Memorial Round-Up is, well, Up…

…over at Batocchio’s place, the essential Vagabond Scholar. (HINT: you’ll find a few Scissorheads over there!) It’s always a great read and a terrific way to find some new blogs to follow.

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‘Here’s a Cheese Sandwich and a Roadmap’ – AL Justice Roy Moore Asked To Clean Out His Office

We need some feel-good news, and I’m sorry, not sorry: Acting chief justice Lyn Stuart sent two letters to Moore’s Etowah County home in Gallant on Monday. In one letter Stuart states that since Moore was recently found guilty of … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs They are on to us, fellow Alinskyites and Sorosistas! Some Wingnut blogger has deciphered Hitlery’s hand signals that, um, signaled to willing dupe commie Lester Holt what to do next during the debate! “A comprehensive video … Continue reading

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And You Say Blogging Is Dead?

Target (TGT) introduced the kiddie carts in a handful of stores last year and expanded the test in New York and Minnesota last month. But they didn’t last long. In fact, they’re already gone. The backlash gained steam when Laura … Continue reading

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The Trump Metaphor

The one-two punch of firing the campaign manager and the revelation that the Trump Campaign is quite literally running on fumes (and it stinks) is something both strange and familiar. I’m reminded of movie themes: The Wizard of Oz: Pay … Continue reading

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2016 Pulitzer Prizes Announced!

…and for the 10th year in a row, Mock, Paper, Scissors won nothing, not even for our Tweets. Robbed, I tells ya! We were robbed! But I’m in good company: no one in Seattle won an award, however the story … Continue reading

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Today in Pandering News

Who knew that Tennessee could read? “Having already made a .50-caliber sniper gun the official state rifle, Tennessee lawmakers on Monday gave final approval to making the Holy Bible the state’s official book.” “…Republican Sen. Steve Southerland argued that his … Continue reading

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The Small Print

Scissorheads – I’m going to be filling in for my pal Blogenfreude at Crooks and Liars for Mike’s Blog Round Up this weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). As you know, I like to feature the work of lower-traffic blogs who deserve … Continue reading

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