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UPDATED: When Local Politics Go National

So this happened: Surprise: Amazon is trying to tilt the Seattle City Council elections in their favor. I’m with the Seattle council members and activists who continue standing up to Amazon. Corporations aren’t people, and I have a plan to … Continue reading

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Big Questions/Bad Answers, Cont.

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Still Unpacking

How did I get so much crap, and why did I move it with me? Posting will be light, sorry peeps.

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Mercury News Famous Football Coach Jerry Sandusky is taken away in handcuffs to the hoosegows, convicted of molesting 10 boys over the course of 15 years. This is one of those moments where maybe the Justice system works, and might … Continue reading

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The Living Dead

Ol’ Nosferatu himself has had a heart transplant. All I can think is that I hope the family of the donor never learns that Blam-Blam was the recipient of the good deed that they did. I thought for an instant … Continue reading

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Disney’s lastest entry to the Hall of Presidents…

…is smarter than the real thing. Introducing the Chimpy McStagger animatron. Notice how the other presidents are, um, well, er, notice them. Happy Presidents’ Day – it’s our Democracy, enjoy it!

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Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Is remixing the “I smoked but didn’t inhale” of the next generation? Anyway, the comments in this post are very revealing. Admittedly, I am part of the generation that got slapped down by the RIAA, who overnight managed to outlaw … Continue reading

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This exists

BuzzFeed They should have used Pokey. (BuzzFeed)

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This moment of tranquility is brought to us by…

…Our good friend, The Cunning Runt. Can someone please explain to me why TCR doesn’t have a gallery show?

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Growing up – a guest post from Freckles Cassie

(Ed. Note: I asked Freckles Cassie, our teen cub reporter, if she would let me republish this thoughtful essay originally posted on Tex’s Relaxed Politics. What some of you might not know is that recently Freckles was interviewed for admission … Continue reading

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