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One Lump of Stupid or Two, Roger Stone?

  The criminal mastermind at work: While Roger Stone was live on the air this morning with ‘Real Talk 93.3’ (St Louis) doing an interview about the 2024 election, he gets served by a process server with the January 6 … Continue reading

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Bad Signs, Cont.

The truth is out there.

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News It’s Axios, so all the enigmatic bullets and other weird formatting is totally theirs: Goldman Sachs estimates 750K households face eviction after moratorium ends A new report from Goldman Sachs released Sunday estimates that about 750,000 households … Continue reading

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(UPDATED) Cruelty is the Point

Trae is reacting to Republican orthodoxy that helping people less fortunate sets them up to be moochers for life. A GOP-led school district in Wisconsin has opted out of a federally funded program that would provide free meals to all students, … Continue reading

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Jeff Bezos Wants More of Your Tax Dollars

Billionaires in Space Race More proof, as if we needed it, that future Bond villain Jeff Bezos doesn’t pay enough taxes: Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin sues NASA, escalating its fight for a Moon lander contract “…Blue Origin was one of … Continue reading

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Report: Workers You’re Fired’ed Their Employers in Record Numbers

This is not exactly unexpected following the Pandemic firings and the subsequent re-normalization to unsafe working conditions and non-living wages (yes, it is Axios so all the weird formatting an enigmatic emboldening is theirs): Workers quit at historic clip Demand … Continue reading

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The Housing Crisis to Come

At midnight tonight, the federal eviction moratorium ends. Millions of people will be thrown out into the streets with nowhere to go as the Delta variant of the Trump-Virus cuts a huge swath of the public to the ground. I … Continue reading

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Report: Fratsputin To Start A New Grift

Oh, gawd, Merde-a-Lardo habitué and nepotism Exhibit A, Jared is returning to his private sector job of being an entitled wanker who was born on third base, and leaving behind the glamorous life of politics where no one really wanted … Continue reading

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Billionaires in Space, Cont.

I missed this quote yesterday from very-little rocket man: “When you get up there, and you see it, you see how tiny it is and how fragile it is,” Bezos continued. “We need to take all heavy industry, all polluting … Continue reading

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Billionaires in Space: A Conclusion

Honest-to-blog, Bezos said this, and I hope that it triggers enough feeble brains to realize that something is majorly wrong with our tax code: this is somehow a real quote Jeff Bezos: "I want to thank every Amazon employee, and … Continue reading

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