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Bad Ads?

Not sure that this is the future of advertising, but… it does remind me of Blade Runner: Drones in the sky forming QR codes is not the Dope Tech I thought we’d have in 2021 but here we are reading

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This Exists

Vice tells us: Escape Zoom Meetings by Faking Technical Issues and Crying With This App No one wants to be in another Zoom meeting. No matter how pleasant our coworkers or how pressing the topic, we’re all exhausted by staring … Continue reading

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Bad Signs, Cont.

BSOD is the “IT” color this year.

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Entire School District Outsmarted by 8-Year Old

The grifter: My 8 year old niece The prize: Playing virtual hooky permanently (School Zoom calls) The marks: My sister, my brother in law, the teacher, the school’s computer teacher, the principle and Zoom's support team The con: How she … Continue reading

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Bad Signs, Cont.

Well, you’re doomed.

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Technology in the Age Of The Trump Virus

As long as we were talking ’bout tech earlier… Microsoft Borg, er, Teams looks more Orwellian than ever: Teaming With Information. As far back as June, Microsoft explained in somewhat legalistic terms that it’s happily recording so much Teams activity … Continue reading

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Microsoft Hacked (By Russia this time), Part Infinity

Reuters “Microsoft Corp said on Thursday it found malicious software in its systems related to a massive hacking campaign disclosed by U.S. officials this week, adding a top technology target to a growing list of attacked government agencies. “Microsoft also … Continue reading

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The Borg, Cont.

GeekWire: Microsoft is facing criticism for its new “Productivity Score” technology, which can measure how much individual workers use email, chat and other digital tools. But it turns out the company has even bigger ideas for using technology to monitor … Continue reading

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Our Future, Today

Think pieces abound that office workers will be at home because the technology is so easy now and proven to work…

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Can Hardly Wait for the Wrong-Again Rudy Podcast!

Live from Kyiv? You cannot make this up: “Rudy Giuliani is considering reentering the impeachment fray by launching a podcast to provide impeachment analysis of the public hearings in the House of Representatives scheduled for later this week. Giuliani was … Continue reading

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