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Bad Marketing, Cont.

So how come Tom Cotton is still their senator?

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Guessing Micky Dee’s lawyer is gonna serve sumpin’ to Arby’s and it won’t be edible. Oh. Wait.

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Because We Love A Good Headline (and hot dogs)

Oscar Mayer offers NASA a Wienermobile to transport moon astronauts   NASA actually is looking for some new astronaut ground transportation. It put out a call last week for commercial providers to chime in on possible replacements for the shiny … Continue reading

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Oh, dear. Is it bad marketing, or a Dad Joke?

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

WOW! That’s a steal, that’s…

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Oh, dear.

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Bad Marketing, Cont. — FITZ HERE (@ChrisFi24960366) August 13, 2021 How did they not know where the KFC is? BTW, @ChrisFi24960366 is a terrific follow on Twitter, prolific tweeter and almost always funny.

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Well, the Marketing Department didn’t test that possibility. “It’s a grower, not a show-er” didn’t test well as a tag line.

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Not encouraging us to take the anesthetic, Doc. Just sayin’.

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Hope the slushy comes with in crispy!

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