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Bad Marketing, Cont.

It’s spring break, I guess?

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The WaPo is only asking the questions, folks: “Some of Trump’s businesses are now in crisis, facing sharp drops in revenue and an exodus of clients, lenders, lawyers and business partners. Now, sharks are circling.” “The Washington Post spoke with … Continue reading

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

“$20, Same As In Town”

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

“Safe Enough”?

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Bad Signs, Cont.

So… everything has a price above or below 99¢. Got it. I would have loved to have been in the room when they came up with that slogan.

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

People are dying to get in to St. Mary’s Meats.

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Every dude just pulled up the boys and crossed his legs. (No Rudy jokes, please.)

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Oh, dear.

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

I’m really glad I was not in the room where this happened.

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Meet The New Messaging. Same As The Old Messaging

What’s the definition of insanity again? “With the leadership change in the campaign, there’s understandably a review and fine-tuning of the campaign’s strategy. We’ll be back on the air shortly, even more forcefully exposing Joe Biden as a puppet of … Continue reading

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