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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Well, the Marketing Department didn’t test that possibility. “It’s a grower, not a show-er” didn’t test well as a tag line.

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Not encouraging us to take the anesthetic, Doc. Just sayin’.

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Hope the slushy comes with in crispy!

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Bad Signs, Cont.

Reminds me: I need to get my suit cleaned before the end-of-the-pandemic family reunion.

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Bad Branding, Cont.

Novelty Fonts are so… challenging to use well. But what really got me baffled is the “& more,” and I’ll be damned but I really want to know what is on the roof that looks pointy.

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

Oh, dear. Do not ask what the secret ingredient is, you know, if you happen to meet Mikey.

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Bad Marketing

I’m having a difficult time thinking about how one can re-use the bag.

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

It’s spring break, I guess?

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The WaPo is only asking the questions, folks: “Some of Trump’s businesses are now in crisis, facing sharp drops in revenue and an exodus of clients, lenders, lawyers and business partners. Now, sharks are circling.” “The Washington Post spoke with … Continue reading

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Bad Marketing, Cont.

“$20, Same As In Town”

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