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Bad Design, Cont.

Makes you wonder about the matching carpet and drapes. (Hat tip: Scissorhead Moeman)

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This Exists

Wow! That’s putting the space in a space bar! (That totally is going to be the name of my cocktail bar, if I ever have one.)

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This Exists

Yes, you too can scream for more, More, MORE with the ice cream cone vibrator.

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This Exists

Here’s a gift for your crazy Uncle Liberty: I kinda/sorta wish these didn’t exist, but I’d rather Crazy Uncle Liberty had bullet-shaped whiskey-chilling stones than real bullets.

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This Exists

Sure, your neighbors might have an original Picasso sketch, but you will be the envy of tous le monde when you proudly display life-size Han Solo in Carbonite on the blank space in your salon. (Hat tip: Scissorhead Osirisopto)

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This Exists

Yes, you too can come to the Dark Side of the Chocolate, and may I suggest your house cocktail becomes a Dark and StormyTrooper? (Hat tip: Scissorhead Osirisopto)

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This Exists

You are going to so rule at Dance-Dance-Revolution with these LED shoelaces. Amaze your friends, and defeat your enemies when you fight it out on the break-dance dance floor!

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Bad Design, Cont.

Well, I guess diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.

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Bad Signs and Bad Design, Cont.

I always though stick figures floated. Who knew? (Hat tip: Scissorhead Skinny-D)

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Bad Design, Cont.

You had one job…

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