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Because We Love The Smell Of An Apology In The Morning

In which Mark Halerpin apologizes to those that were offended by his horrifying interview with Sen. Ted Cruz Continue reading

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Apologies (Deleted)

From the same assrocket that took the Obama teenage daughters to task for being teens and dressing like teens, and well, for being embarrassed by their corny dad doing something cheesy: “I reacted to an article and quickly judged the … Continue reading

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The Comedy Stylings of Kevin Sorbo

Fast-fading ’90s hunk actor and noted dim bulb Kevin Sorbo continues to try to explain his Jews Killed Jesus comment. As you may recall, previously Sorbo told jews, “News bulletin: you did kill Jesus!,” which started the whole controversy. But … Continue reading

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So Why Didn’t Buzzfeed…

…give us a listicle of the 40 instances of plagiarism you must read now? or maybe a quiz to find out which plagiarist you are?

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Ten years later…

Many of the media pundits have been writing their memoirs of what went wrong, their strange mea culpas of how they were mislead into supporting or even cheerleading the Iraq War. I’m not sure how many of them are sincere … Continue reading

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My day

Any questions? (BuzzFeed)

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Hey guys, remember the other day when His Willardness was seemingly shooting ping pong balls out of his ass at little school girls? Me Neither!, anyway some of you wanted context for the picture, and here it is, an apology … Continue reading

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¡Geraldo! Apologizes to Hoodies Everywhere

The capacity for Wingnuttia to make themselves the victim, even when apologizing is astonishing. Anyway, ¡Geraldo! apoligizes in his own way for blaming Trayvor Martin’s murder on Trayvor’s sartorial choices, and then sort of does it again: “I apologize to … Continue reading

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Your inspirational poster du jour

(Courtesy of Scissorhead Keith_not_Keith)

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Dear Rush…

Dear Rush, I’m sorry I said that you were not fit to live with the pigs. Clearly, you are fit to live with the pigs. Regards, Tengrain PS: to all the piggies in the world, my deepest apologies to insinuate … Continue reading

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