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GOP Messaging

I guess Wingnuttia realized that their Billions for Billionaires tax cuts are not the secret sauce to win Possum Hollar after all. NYTimes: “As Republican leaders scramble to stave off a Democratic wave or at least mitigate their party’s losses … Continue reading

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Timing Is Everything

There’s a point in which one must wonder if The Russian Usurper understands the calendar. He’s setting up a series of events that are going to hit the news during the build-up to the 2018 Pie Fight, and it’s gotta … Continue reading

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Activism: The Midterms Cometh

This Tweet from our buddy Shoq on the electrical Twitters felt sort of like a fast punch between the (eye) balls: LISTEN: It has been axiomatic for over 50 years that the Republican minority in America only wins elections because … Continue reading

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Activism: We Got Numbers

Two different polls are out that The New Confederacy are just gonna hate. The first poll, Survey Monkey tells us that Hair Führer is losing blue collar workers, but especially women: He won 61% of them in the 2016 Goat Rodeo, … Continue reading

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