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If You Think Voting Is Ineffective, Wait Till You See How Not Voting Turns Out

And the Republicans are right back at trying to kill democracy dead: Last week’s striking scene came as Ohio joined a growing number of Republican-leaning states that are moving to undermine direct democracy by restricting citizens’ ability to bypass lawmakers … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Ohio

As long as we’re talking about Ohio (Motto: Home of John Boehner!), we might as well discuss the eff’ery the Republican Buckeyes are up to now: For 111 years, Ohio voters have lived with a set of rules for amending … Continue reading

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Big Vote In Wisconsin Tuesday

Our pals at Electoral-Vote tell us that the most important election of the year is TOMORROW in the Big Cheese: The most important election of 2023 will be held tomorrow in Wisconsin. It is the race for the state Supreme … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Good news! The USPS is buying a lot of electric vehicles despite Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s previous plans to buy gas guzzlers: The U.S. Postal Service will buy 66,000 vehicles to build one of the largest electric … Continue reading

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The Word of the Year: ‘Gaslighting’

So ‘gaslighting’ is the word of the year… or is it? Lookups for the word on increased 1,740% in 2022 over the year before. But something else happened. There wasn’t a single event that drove significant spikes in the … Continue reading

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Boffo Early Voting Numbers in Georgia Runoff

A long line of Saturday voters in Athens gathers before the UGA-Tech game #gapol #gasen — Greg Bluestein (@bluestein) November 26, 2022 The WaPo tells us: CARTERSVILLE, Ga. — Georgia voters flocked to the polls Saturday to cast their … Continue reading

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Buy (Almost) Nothing Day

I know, I know, Black Friday, and my inbox is full of offers, too. Sometimes the best activism is doing nothing. Today is one of those days. But here’s the thing: small retailers on your main street need your bucks … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Georgeduh

This is a real video from Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s speech — philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) November 16, 2022 The Cook Political Report says that the GA Senate race between Sen. Warnock and aspiring werewolf Herschel Walker is … Continue reading

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Today’s The Day

We’re keeping this on top for obvious reasons, fresher posts (IF ANY!) will be below. —The Management PS – for assorted reasons, I will probably mostly be on the socials today.You can play along at home: Mastodon: And here’s … Continue reading

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Today in History, And Why You MUST Vote

Some days are portentous, I guess, and today is one of ‘em: Today is the anniversary of the Chimpy McStagger/Al Gore election in 2000 in which later the #illegitimateSCOTUS gave the keys to the castle to the second-worst prznint of … Continue reading

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