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Activism: Help President Handsome Joe Biden Twist Some Arms

President Handsome Joe Biden went down to Georgeduh yesterday. If you want to watch the 30-minute speech, here it is; if you want to read it, it’s right here. Now we know this might come as a shock to you, Gentle Readers, … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News I’m looking for confirmation, so I’ll update this when we have some, but in the meanwhile: BREAKING: Louis DeJoy's days at USPS now appear to be officially numbered. Ron Bloom is out as head of the USPS … Continue reading

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Yay Us! Oh, wait.

Scissorhead Jimmy-T alerts us: The US became a ‘backsliding democracy’ in 2020 and ‘fell victim to authoritarian tendencies’: report The US was dubbed a “backsliding democracy” for the first time in an annual report. The International IDEA’s report, which looked … Continue reading

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President Biden To Save The USPS!

Axios (weird formatting is all theirs!) tells us: President Biden on Friday announced his nominees to replace two members — and allies of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy — of the USPS board of governors. Why it matters: Biden is replacing … Continue reading

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Election Day: The Spice Must Flow

Guys, it’s Election Day in Virginia (and elsewhere, but our Failed Political Press ™ doesn’t know this), and anyone who tells you what is gonna happen is lying to you, or more accurately, is Upchuck Todd (who is lying to … Continue reading

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First Class Jerk Should Be Cancelled

Yup, DeJoy is a self-dealing crook: New documents detail conflicts of interest DeJoy faced as post office head New documents detail more than a dozen conflicts of interest Postmaster General Louis DeJoy faced because of his and his family’s investments … Continue reading

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Georgeduh On My Mind

What is it now, Georgeduh? “The elections office in Georgia’s heavily Democratic Fulton County said on Monday that two workers had been fired for shredding voter registration forms, most likely adding fuel to a Republican-led investigation of the office that … Continue reading

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Our Heroes at USPS, Cont.

And now, some good news from the USPS: in a test program, they now allow customers to cash payroll checks of up to $500 as Visa gift cards, for a flat fee of $5.95: USPS Begins Postal Banking Pilot Program The … Continue reading

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Louis DeJoy Should Be Fired, Severance Pay Sent By USPS

The big evil plan of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy —who serves at the pleasure of the USPS Board of Directors, and NOT of President Handsome Joe Biden— kicks into effect today because unbelievably he is still employed. Mail delivery slowdown: USPS … Continue reading

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National Voter Registration Day

Yesterday was National Voter Registration Day, and you know what? This is pretty cool – Destiny, 30, registered for the first time today. NJ previously denied voting to people w/ convictions since 1844—when it limited voting to white men. Our … Continue reading

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