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News That Will Drive You to Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs This is fucked up beyond words: The Department of Justice Creates Section Dedicated to Denaturalization Cases — Justice Department (@TheJusticeDept) February 26, 2020 Bill Barr has created a division at the DOJ dedicated to stripping … Continue reading

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Kabuki Theater Encore Performance

God, it’s getting old. Axios morning email thingie: Attorney General Bill Barr has made clear to President Trump — both publicly and, repeatedly, in private conversations — that he can’t do his job if the president keeps publicly commenting on … Continue reading

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Opinions Differ: 3 Stooges Defend Shemp, er, Bill Barr

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued a statement Tuesday in support of Attorney General William Barr. And meanwhile… More than 1,000 former Justice Department officials have called on Barr … Continue reading

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You Cannot Shame The Shameless

Axios Alert: ⚡ Breaking … More than 1,100 former DOJ officials who served both Republican and Democratic administrations have signed onto a statement calling on Attorney General Bill Barr to resign over his intervention in the Roger Stone case. This … Continue reading

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Guys, remember that time when strategic hire AG Bill ‘Low’ Barr performed his Kabuki dance that he wouldn’t be bullied by Lord Dampnut into acting like a common Michael Cohen? Good times, good times, huh? Barr has assigned an outside … Continue reading

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Kabuki Theater

As you may recall, anyone who speaks out against Pol POTUS usually ends up sleeping with the fishes, er, the subject of a mean Tweet, publicly doxed, and ends up with threats against the lives of their family from the … Continue reading

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Barr’s Bubble Just Popped

Strategic hire AG Bill ‘Low’ Barr is breaking, and I’ll wager that having the entire prosecutorial team resign from the case en masse was the effective reason why: “I’m not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody….whether it’s Congress, … Continue reading

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Crimes and Misdemeanors, Part Infinity

We begin our day by looking at strategic hire AG Bill ‘Low’ Barr. Sometimes one must grab the bull by the tail and face the situation. Buck-up, Scissorheads! After the Justice Department insisted that its interference in notorious Nixon tattoo-have … Continue reading

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The Rat is Well and Truly Eff’ed

Strategic hire AG Bill ‘Low’ Barr says that the Justice Department is taking information that Prznint Stupid’s Second Stupidest Lawyer™ Rudy Giuliani, is “gathering” in Ukraine about handsome ol’ Joe Biden and his son, Benghazi, er, emails, er  Hunter. This … Continue reading

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If At First You Don’t Succeed, Cheat

Strategic hire AG Bill ‘Low’ Barr ordered the FBI to get his written approval before it opens ANY investigations of ANY 2020 Goat Rodeo candidates, including you-know-who. Seems legit. What could possibly go wrong? Barr just pre-emptively shut down inquiries … Continue reading

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