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Maybe Carson Will Put It On Craig’s List?

TPM/Livewire: “A spokesperson for the Department of Housing and Urban Development told TPM Thursday that Secretary Ben Carson had ordered the agency to rescind an order for $31,561 worth of dining room furniture.” I didn’t know you could cancel an … Continue reading

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Swamp Draining, Cont.

Somewhere, Aaron Schock is laughing: “Department of Housing and Urban Development officials spent $31,000 on a new dining room set for Secretary Ben Carson’s office in late 2017 — just as the White House circulated its plans to slash HUD’s … Continue reading

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Tom Price’s Replacement Announced!

Axios: President Trump said today that he plans to nominate former pharmaceutical executive Alex Azar to lead the Health and Human Services department. Azar stepped down earlier this year as president of Eli Lilly; he served in senior roles at … Continue reading

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The Whitefish Rots From The Head

I’m not sure this counts as claim chowder, but Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority canceled its $300 million contract with Whitefish Energy. I might add, following our post about it yesterday… Several congressional committees sent investigative inquiries about the contract … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico and Disaster Capitalism

You don’t have to be a trained journalist to see that what is happening with Puerto Rico’s electrical grid and Whitefish Energy is another example of disaster capitalism. I think we are looking at it with too fine a lens … Continue reading

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Draining The Swamp, Cont.

By now everyone has read about Larry Flynt ponying up $10M Ameros for whoever can remove Comrade Stupid from office. But what you might now have read is that Hair Führer is facing an Emoluments-clause law suit: A federal court in … Continue reading

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President Bannon V. Preznint Stupid

Oh, this is gonna leave a mark: Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on Tuesday morning ordered top editors at Breitbart to step up its overwhelmingly negative coverage of the Alabama Senate candidate backed by President Trump, a person … Continue reading

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Drain The Swamp of Mnunchins: An Update

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has filed a FOIA request for copies of all records concerning authorization and costs for the use of a government plane for living typo Steve Mnuchin and his Nancy Reagan wannabe wife to … Continue reading

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Today In Swamp-Draining News

Paul Ryan is really excited, guys! He gets to fire up the ol’ Powerpoint on Windows 95 and prepare another one of his patented, unmathematical polemics to seduce the press into thinking he’s a dreamy blue-eyed wonk. Hold onto your … Continue reading

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Drain The Swamp, Cont.

Key U.S. Banking Regulators Say They’re Ready to Roll Back Rules Top U.S. banking regulators are sprinting to ease the Volcker Rule, stress tests and other constraints on Wall Street after the Trump administration issued a long list of proposals … Continue reading

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