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Hoovervilles Are The New Trump Towers

Everything is terrible, our alleged representational gubmint is not working (thanks for the urgency, Mitch), the safety nets are destroyed, we are being stalked by a killer virus, the Plutocrats are making a killing while killing us, and Hair Füror … Continue reading

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The Miracle of the Trump Economy, Cont.

Axios’ morning email thingie gives us the alert that the COVID-19 relief bill passed the Senate: 🚨 Breaking now: World markets surged this morning after the overnight news that Congress and the White House reached a deal to inject nearly … Continue reading

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Narcissist Offers Comfort To Gun Lobby, Swamp Undrained

Prznint Stupid was worried that the NRA’s precious fee-fees might get hurt: “President Donald Trump on Friday said he has been speaking with the National Rifle Association to ensure that the gun lobby’s “very strong views” are considered as congressional … Continue reading

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Cadet Bonespurs Drains, Refills Swamp

The Finest People Like a common Boeing 737 Max, Acting Secretary of Defense and former Boeing lobbyist Patrick Shanahan’s candidacy to become the permanent SOD exploded and all hands were lost: “President Donald Trump said Tuesday that acting Defense Secretary … Continue reading

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Comrade Stupid Picks His Fights Carefully

Grifters Gotta Grift Comrade Trump has demonstrated that he doesn’t understand The Federal Reserve since the beginning: This Janet Yellen of the Fed. The Fed is doing political — by keeping the interest rates at this level. And believe me: … Continue reading

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About Romaine Lettuce Killing Us

As many of you might have noticed, country-wide, all Romaine Lettuce has been pulled from the grocery stores, all salad mixes with Romaine included. For those of us with a Cesar Salad addiction, this torpedo’ed some Thanksgiving menus. It was … Continue reading

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Green Fakers Is The Place To Be

Honest-to-Blog, the Spy Who Loved Pee, Agent Double-0 Zero Rep. Devin Nunes, is claiming that he is a farmer. “A pair of GOP congressmen can call themselves farmers on the November ballot, a Sacramento judge has ruled, dismissing challenges financed … Continue reading

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Job Opening Soon In The Swamp! Inquire Within!

I know it is probably a shock to Scissorheads everywhere that a member in good standing of the GOP and holder of elected office has been charged with insider trading. Yes, Rep. Chris Collins, the very first Republican who endorsed … Continue reading

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Regrets, They’ve Had A Few

The swamp doesn’t drain itself, as we seem to learn again and again, so it comes as little surprise that some multinational corporations are having a few regrets that they paid millions of Ameros to Comrade Stupid’s Stupidest Lawyer, Michael/Mikhail Cohen. … Continue reading

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Mulvaney Uses His Outside Voice and Said What?!

N.Y. Times: “We had a hierarchy in my office in Congress,” Mr. Mulvaney, a former Republican lawmaker from South Carolina, told 1,300 bankers and lending industry officials at an American Bankers Association conference in Washington. “If you’re a lobbyist who … Continue reading

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