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Hostage Taking Today

The so-called Freedom Caucus have announced their demands that must be met OR ELSE they will destroy the US/World economy, and oddly they did not use letters cut out from magazines glued to a piece of paper: What happened: The … Continue reading

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Hostage Taking Today

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) other morning email thingie: YELLEN IN THE HOUSE — Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will launch today what is expected to be a flurry of administration appearances on Capitol Hill to defend President Joe … Continue reading

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And in CPAC News

Insurrection adjacent/entusiast Rep. Scott Perry is having a normal one at CPAC: Scott Perry on Democrats: “They’ve got to be put on notice. They’ve got to be quaking in fear. They’ve got to be losing weight because they are not … Continue reading

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Phone’s For You, Scott Perry, Cont.

The Stupid Coup When last Rep. Scott Perry graced these pages, we speculated that the story of hm trying to keep his phone out of the DOJ would be fun to watch, well, we were not wrong: A judge ordered … Continue reading

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