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No Professional Courtesy

Steve Bannon Seeks To Punish His Protegé: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s decision to vote in support of the debt ceiling deal on Wednesday has been harshly criticized by her former ally Steve Bannon, who called on the Georgia Republican to … Continue reading

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Some Stupid to Pre-Game Happy Hour?

bannon: "you're not running for vice president as Governor of Arizona?" kari lake: "I am the duly elected governor." — danny (@dabbs346) February 2, 2023

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Another quote, but this time from Steve Bannon to Kari Lake from his podcast: “Hang on — you shouldn’t have to reach out to Ronna McDaniel. You’re the frickin’ governor of Arizona. You just won an incredibly tough … Continue reading

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Famous Last Words

Like a dollar-store Patrick Henry, Steve Bannon (who in tribute to Karl Rove could be called Trump’s brain) has uttered his battlecry: Steve Bannon entering courtroom just now for arraignment: “They will never shut me up, they’ll have to kill … Continue reading

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Bannon Turns Himself In

The teaser on this story in my aggregator sadly was not the headline: Steve Bannon Surrenders in Manhattan in Alleged Border Wall Donor Dupe Steve Bannon Surrenders in Manhattan to Face Fresh Charge in Border Wall Case Former President Donald … Continue reading

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Can You Believe It, Bannon Bragged About Lying

Bannon was caught on audio tape bragging about lying about material obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020: “We hammered this guy every day for 10 days with the worst pictures in the world, drug addict, taking money from CCP,” … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Bannon Found Guilty

NBC: WASHINGTON — A jury on Friday found former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon guilty on two counts of contempt of Congress for blowing off the Jan. 6 select committee. Bannon’s sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 21 when he will … Continue reading

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Bannon Testimony Update: Nada-Nada, Limonada!

Hunka-hunka burnin’ love Steve Banon did NOT call witnesses or testify in his own defense in his contempt-of-Congress trial. He did not testify, his lawyer did not testify, there was nothing. Zip. Nada. And so now the jury deliberation begin. … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Guys, if you can believe it, podcaster Steve Bannon’s contempt of congress trial started today! WASHINGTON — Former White House strategist Steve Bannon’s trial on contempt of Congress charges began Monday after a judge rejected his attempts … Continue reading

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Best Legal Exchange of the Day (so far)

I think I like this judge: A federal judge on Monday refused to delay Stephen K. Bannon’s trial next week after the Justice Department called anoffer by the former Trump aide to testify before the House committee investigating the Jan. … Continue reading

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