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You’re Fired’ed News!

The 4th Reich has You’re Fired’ed 3-Olives Grisham as the press secretary and replaced her with yet another familiar face from the Department of Agitprop: Kayleigh McEnany: “Kayleigh McEnany, who served as Trump’s 2020 campaign spokeswoman, will replace Grisham as … Continue reading

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Regrets, He Has Not Had A Few

[under 2 minutes clip] So that happened. The crowd wasn’t sure how to take that one, and let’s not forget that those Red Hats from Possum Hollar Michigan were chanting “toilets” in unison just moments before. Let’s see the reaction … Continue reading

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Grisham is Shaken

Ingénue of the Fox News greenroom, White House Press Secretary Stephanie ‘Two Olives’ Grisham decided to project again: WH Press Sec Stephanie Grisham claims Obama aides left ‘you will fail” notes in offices for Trump aides: “We came into the … Continue reading

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Because We Love A Good Correction

The other day, for no apparent reason, Comrade Stupid blurted out: “The first lady has gotten to know Kim Jong Un, and I think she would agree with me he is a man with a country that has tremendous potential.” … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Tariffman Continues! (Part Infinity)

As you may recall, before departing for the G7 Summit, Tariffman retaliated against China by upping the ante on existing tariffs on Chinese imports, and called Chinese premier Xi Jinping his enemy. And there was that other nutty stuff about … Continue reading

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4th Reich Walks Back Tariffman’s Comments

Let’s begin with the comment: Reporter at G7: “Mr. President, any second thoughts on escalating the trade war with China?” Trump: “Yeah, sure. Why not?” — Jim Acosta (@Acosta) August 25, 2019 …and you can see why they all … Continue reading

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Our Failed Media Celebrates Elmira Gantry Huckabee-Sanders!

The Death of the Media Elmira had a set of parties, and the Villagers Society Pages, er, Tiger Beat’s email thingie tells us who amongst the movers and shakers and floaters was there! THE JUICE … SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS had … Continue reading

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Claim Chowder

The nature of Claim Chowder is that you serve it both hot & cold: I am pleased to announce @StephGrisham45 will be the next @PressSec & Comms Director! She has been with us since 2015 – @potus & I can … Continue reading

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