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Making a Killing, Part Infinity

Our quote of the morning comes to us from Salon (Digby!): Meanwhile, Hassett and Kudlow were telling Trump he needed to get the economy open no matter what. And Trump heard from his favorite outside advisers Arthur Laffer, Steve Forbes … Continue reading

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He Said WHAT?!

The Daily Dot: On Friday, White House advisor Stephen Moore received backlash for comparing protesters against their states’ social distancing measures to civil rights icon Rosa Parks. The comment came as protesters expressed frustration with stay-at-home orders meant to quell … Continue reading

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Where Are They Now?! (Grifters Gotta Grift, Part Infinity)

Economics ignoramus (ALLEGEDLY!) Stephan Moore, Comrade Stupid’s failed nominee to the Federal Reserve, is not a man to be discarded lightly, you must throw a grifter like him with a great amount of force: After Stephen Moore’s failed Fed bid, … Continue reading

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No Moore At The Fed

Pay-up, Bitchez: Steve Moore, a great pro-growth economist and a truly fine person, has decided to withdraw from the Fed process. Steve won the battle of ideas including Tax Cuts…. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 2, 2019

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No Moore, Please

.@StephenMoore explains his 2016 joke about Donald Trump moving into the White House and kicking “a black family out of public housing.” Moore says, “That is a joke I always made,” adding he didn’t mean it “like a black person” … Continue reading

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Fed Candidate Stephan Moore-or-Less: The South Will Rise Again

Now that Herman ‘9-9-9’ Cain has served his purpose of distracting everyone from the other unqualified candidate for the Federal reserve, it behooves us to check in on Stephan Moore-or-Less. And lo! Here’s Stephen Moore defending Robert E. Lee on … Continue reading

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Fed Nominee Moore-or-Less: ‘Not Really A Big Fan of Democracy’

Stephen Moore: “I don’t really think I’ve said anything much about the gold – I’m not in favor of a gold standard.” Erin Burnett then plays three clips of Stephen Moore saying he supports a gold standard. — andrew … Continue reading

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