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Mike Pence, Feminist

Women’s History Month Mike Pence  is at your cervix, ladies! The Independent Women’s Forum will present Vice President Pence with the Working for Women award at an event celebrating women’s history month. In case you were wondering: The Independent Women’s Forum is a … Continue reading

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Activism: Act, Don’t React

We need to view any and every action of the Russian Puppet Admin with maximum cynicism. Constantly on the lookout for shiny objects. If it’s leaked that the Trump admin says grass is green and the sky is blue the first … Continue reading

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I Wager Five Thousand Quatloos…

…that the Moscow Mule, General Flynn is going down. To quote The Gamesters of Triskelion: So let’s begin by going in the Way-Back Machine to last month. WALLACE: I want to ask you about two very specific questions briefly so … Continue reading

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The Banality of Evil

From the transcript of This Week With a Greek Dwarf: STEPHANOPOULOS: President Trump decided this week to let stand President Obama’s executive order on LGBT rights. And it prompted this question from a prominent social conservative, Bob Vander Plaats. He … Continue reading

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Why is Mike Pence Weeping?

The bakery that made the inauguration cake is donating all the proceeds to The Human Rights Campaign: “Excited to share the cake we got to make for one of last night’s inaugural balls. While we most love creating original designs, … Continue reading

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Mike Pence Appoints Another Theocrat

Regular readers know that I enjoy trying to figure out who in the 4th Reich is making decisions about staff. Is it Trump, Pence, Bannon, or Priebus? Here’s another appointment with Pence’s fingerprints all over it: Statement from Donald Trump: … Continue reading

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The Evening Quote

Mike ‘Fat Termite’ Pence tells us with a straight face: “The president-elect has made it very clear that we are going to take aggressive action in the early days of our administration to combat cyber attacks and protect the American … Continue reading

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Grab ‘Em By The P****, Cont.

The Hill: President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team asked the State Department for information programs and positions related to women’s and gender issues, The Washington Post reports, sparking worries from some officials… …“It’s not clear to us what the intent is … Continue reading

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So who is Mike Pence auditioning now?…Future-former Gov. Pat McCrory, the defeated governor of North Carolina (R-Panty Sniffer), that’s who! Two days after conceding in the North Carolina gubernatorial race, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory plans to meet with President-elect Donald … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Morning Bottomless Flute of Stupid is Served, Pence-Style

“But why is it refreshing to make false statements?” [TG – It’s called “lying,” George. Improve your vocabulary.] “I don’t know that is a false statement and neither do you. There is historic evidence from the Pew Research Center that … Continue reading

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