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Can You Hear Me Now, Ajit Pai?

Verizon Employee of the Month, Ajit Pai, who is also the director of the Federal Communications Commission, is doing good work (for Verizon) these days, what with killing Net Neutrality regulations and whatnot. Today’s LATimes shows us another way Pai … Continue reading

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Quick Housekeeping Note

Comcast has been down in the PNW a lot today, so that’s what’s going on. Sorry for the spotty service. So glad to be free from Net Nuetrality, Ajit Pai. I cannot thank you enough.

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Ajit Pai: Verizon/AT&T Employee of the Month

Now that the lawsuit that approved AT&T-Time Warner merger is done, AT&T is now a content provider AND delivery service! Neat-o, huh? Comcast has just made a bid for the assets of 21st Century Fox, which gives them also a … Continue reading

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No One Expected Ajit Pai to Oppose Socializing 5G Networks (everyone did)

Verizon Communication’s employee of the month (FCC Chairman) Ajit Pai has unloaded on the Fourth Reich for their plans to nationalize the 5G Network. “I oppose any proposal for the federal government to build and operate a nationwide 5G network.”

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