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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs All I can do is sigh: Jerome Corsi, Washington Bureau Chief, We have WH PRESS CREDENTIALS. I’m in WH May 22, 2017 — Jerome Corsi (@jerome_corsi) May 22, 2017 Yup, the Russian Usurper just … Continue reading

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Well, That’s A Relief

The Russian Usurper wants us all to know that he never outed the Israeli intelligence source to the Russian spies whom he invited into the oval office. He wants us to know that as he stands next to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin … Continue reading

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A Pence for Their Thoughts

Vice preznint and noted Fat Termite, Mike Pence addressed Notre Dame University with his usual charm and grace: “This university is a vanguard of freedom of expression and the free exchange of ideas at a time, sadly, when free speech … Continue reading

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Greatest Speech in History!

That’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross adding the appropriate rhythmic accompaniment to The Russian Usurpers nasal braying. One could not accompany Trump better, even with a jug and Ozark Harp. Which leads us to this note from Tiger Beat on the Potomac … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two?

It’s time for the morning quote: President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt: “You are a unique personality that is capable of doing the impossible.” Russian Usurper: “Love your shoes. Boy, those shoes. Man!” Lesson: flattering the Russian Usurper does not … Continue reading

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You Want a Refill of Stupid?

Rubio is here to refill your bottomless flute of Stupid: “…As far as the [Trump] drama’s concerned, yeah it’s unique. It’s different from anything we’ve confronted. I think our job remains to do our work. We’ll have to deal with … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Bottomless Flute of Stupid is Served

“I think what the President was trying to convey to the Russians is, ‘Look, I’m not going to be distracted by all these issues that are here at home, that affect us domestically, I’m not going to let that distract from … Continue reading

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Nothin’ Goin’ On ‘Round Here

I’ve been thinking more about the story that Speaker Zombie-Eyed Granny-Starver Paul Ryan tried to make Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s little joke about who is on the Russian’s Payroll an off-the-record moment: “No leaks. … This is how we know we’re … Continue reading

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Trump’s Fratsputin Jared Kushner: Person of Interest?

We note that Person of Interest actually has no legal meaning at all, so the breaking news last night that a White House Advisor is a person of interest in the Russian Probe is sort of sensationalism. That said, Vox’s … Continue reading

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Draining the Swamp, Cont.

Let’s review some headline of the scandals and foot shooting at the Swamp (in alpha order): Axios:  This Week In Trumpland. CNN: White House lawyers research impeachment. McClatchy: Special counsel probe could reach into Trump’s business empire.  Reuters: White House looking at ethics … Continue reading

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