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Today Is The Super Tuesday of Primaries

Guys, today 5 states are holding their primaries and so our Failed Political Press is already having a day at the races. I understand someone at MSNBC has dusted of Steve Kornacki and lubricated his joints, many of which appear … Continue reading

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Traitor Joe Wants To Perform Greatest Hits

I cannot believe that Manchinema thinks we’re this dumb, per Tiger Beat’s email thingie: IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED — Ever since Sen. JOE MANCHIN (D-W.Va.) tanked Build Back Better, Democrats have been waiting for the swing vote to … Continue reading

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2022: We’re All In This Battle

The Republicans are being more transparent than usual that they are the party that is taking away your rights, what with Rick Scott’s 11-point plan to Make America Feudal Again. It’s not only the #RepublicanAbortionBan, they’ve got something to hurt … Continue reading

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‘New Phone, Who Dis?’

Out of the goodness of his heart —and seeking vengeance on his enemies— Hair Füror has recorded a RoboCall for Jody Hice, who is running for Secretary of State in Georgeduh against incumbent Republican SOS Brad Raffensperger: In a new … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Ohio

Peter Thiel and Hair Füror’s joint custody ownership of Hillbilly Effigy JD/JP Mandel/Vance, the Yalie investment banker with authenticity problems Vance walloped  his competition (32.2% of the vote to 23.9%). And now Vance is off to a great start on … Continue reading

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Reminder: Always Punch The Nazis

They are already planning Phase 2: Brown Vs. Board of Education Peter Brimelow, a former National Review editor who now runs the racist website VDARE, celebrated the Roe news by posting on the alt social media site Gab: "Next stop … Continue reading

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The May Racing Forum

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) email thingie does a little racing forum this morning for all the primaries in May: TRUMP WORLD BRACES FOR TOUGH MAY — All eyes will be on Ohio on Tuesday, as Trump’s post-presidential … Continue reading

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Culture Wars: When They Go Low…

Axios is reporting that the much-rumored vestigial spine of the Democratic Party is appearing again: Democrats are starting to fight back against the bludgeoning they’ve taken since the Republicans seized on socially charged issues to help win this fall’s midterms. … Continue reading

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Some Post-Prandial Stupid?

Trump: We’ve endorsed Dr.Oz. We’ve endorsed JP right? JD Mandell. He’s doing great — Acyn (@Acyn) May 1, 2022 Right now, Josh Mandell is making an appointment to change his name to JD Mandell, and strangely enough, so is … Continue reading

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Hey-Ho, Ohio, What’s Up?

Ohio Senate candidate and Hillbilly effigy, JD Vance, the Yale-educated hedge-funder who was hand-selected by billionaire Libertarian Peter Thiel and endorsed by Lord Damp Nut, continues to have authenticity problems: Interesting move: Josh Mandel’s backer, the Club for Growth, is … Continue reading

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