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The VP Debate…

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Sarah Cooper Gives Us Our Pre-Debate Warm-up

How to drugs — Sarah Cooper (@sarahcpr) September 29, 2020 RUPRECHT! — Tengrain ✂️ 6-feet-away-or-6-feet-under (@Tengrain) September 29, 2020

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And now, A Musical Interlude

My wife says I never write love songs, so… — Nick Lutsko (@NickLutsko) August 1, 2020 (H/T Scissorhead Purplehead)

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2-drink minimum

My entire UGA sorority house tested positive for COVID-19!! — blaire erskine (@blaireerskine) September 8, 2020   OK, she’s legit funny!

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2-Drink Minimum! (UPDATED)

This is pretty funny: My husband is Q from QAnon and I have some things to say!! — blaire erskine (@blaireerskine) September 4, 2020 UPDATE 1 Scissorhead Bruce388 sends us another prankster… but with a different ending: I’m so … Continue reading

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Some Advice For Jerry Junior

LEAVE JERRY FALWELL JR ALONE — Brent Terhune (@BrentTerhune) August 25, 2020 Terhune is so good. Just the Pence photo in the background is a master stroke. So to speak.

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Bad Signs, Cont.

Dad Jokes, cont. Groannnnnnnn!

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Just Sayin’ 2

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Bad Signs, Cont.

Can we have a moratorium on Dad Jokes?

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‘Ah Don’t Thank So’

Brett Terhune’s parodies of Possum Hollar ‘s finest are so on-target people keep thinking he’s really one of ’em. Dude is a genius.

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