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Bad Halloween, Cont.

I know that look, and son, you aren’t gonna get any tricks or treats. Also: Cleopatra liked creamy italian (Mark Antony) better.

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Midday Palate Cleanser

Well, actually, her name is Butters, but point taken. (Halloween Cats, cont.)

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2020 Goat Rodeo Debate Night Tonight!

Cheaper By The Dozen, er, 12 Democratic presidential candidates will take the debate stage in Ohio at 8 ET tonight (presented by wretched CNN and the NYTimes, so you know this one will be a shit-show). And as proof of … Continue reading

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Faceberg Tries Charm Offensive, is Offensive

Assorted outlets are reporting that internet power-user Mark Faceberg has been having private dinners with the pundits, movers and shakers of Wingnuttia trying to convince them that he is not a liberal propagandist, you freaks. And by freaks, I mean … Continue reading

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Quid Meets Quo, Goes Pro — Part Infinity

Fiona Hill, the Russian Usurper’s former former National Security Council senior director for Europe and Russia, testified for 10 hours(!) —practically Hillaryesque—that former national security adviser John ‘Bomb ‘Em All’ Bolton told her to notify the NSC’s chief lawyer about … Continue reading

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Cadet Bone Spurs Takes Control!

Commander Bunnypants has issued a proclamation on the electronic tweeter, as one does, to show the world how serious he is in re: Syria, because: reasons! Statement from President Donald J. Trump Regarding Turkey’s Actions in Northeast Syria — … Continue reading

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Bad Ads, Cont.

If you pay the full price, you get the other arm. (Hat tip: Scissorhead Moeman)

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Midday Palate Cleanser

可愛すぎて5回は見た ◆ — もふネコねこちゃんねる (@mofunekoch1) July 1, 2019 Me, after reading the news today, as performed in interpretive dance by a bunny.

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The Adventures of Tariffman Continues!

Hey guys, I missed this tweet on Saturday: The deal I just made with China is, by far, the greatest and biggest deal ever made for our Great Patriot Farmers in the history of our Country. In fact, there is … Continue reading

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Somewhere, Vlad is Smiling

In northern Syria, there is mayhem and slaughter. In DC, there is bipartisan criticism and “deep concern” over Cadet Bone Spurs latest eff-up on the world stage. Let’s recap what we know: On Sunday: Prznint Stupid ordered the withdrawal RUN … Continue reading

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