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Bad Signs, Cont.

HAWT! (This must be a common saying for Evangelicals; I know we had one other sign a long while ago. Any ex-evangelicals out there who want to explain this to us?)

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Sorry, Charleston: Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley plans to launch her presidential campaign in less than two weeks with an event in Charleston, S.C. Sen. Tim Scott will kick off a “listening tour” a day later … Continue reading

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Define ‘Moderate’ WaPo

Our Failed Political Press ™ There’s a piece in the WaPo entitled (and I do mean entitled), The Joe Manchin of the House GOP? And Betteridges Law Of Headlines just keeled over. Anyway, it is pushing the notion that there … Continue reading

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Midday Palate Cleanser

@sergiflower When your cat doesn’t let you make your bed!!! #cat #gato #katze #michi #猫 #chat ♬ Creepy Violins – Apollo Nove “I’m going to be late for work, Boss” “Muffin?” “Yeah, Muffin.” (Hat tip: Scissorhead Purplehead who suggests that … Continue reading

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Q-Tip: ‘I blame the Kenyan Usurper for the Spy Balloon!’

2024 Goat Rodeo wannabe and sentient Q-Tip,  Sen. Tom Cotton floats a lead balloon: Tom Cotton tries to blame reports that Chinese balloons also flew over the US during the Trump years on Obama — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) February … Continue reading

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Rudderless Republicans Hostage-Taking Problem

It is said that women so baffled Sigmund Freud that he asked, with exasperation, what do they want?! We posit that Freud never met a Republican: House Republicans are demanding that President Biden agree to policy concessions in exchange for … Continue reading

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No Labels Had A Conference!

All The Usual Suspects No Labels, Traitor Joe Lieberman’s third way think tank that does remarkably little thinking, had a meeting of similar minds in Florida (mott: Where The Debris Meets The Sea), per Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks … Continue reading

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The news is terrible: the big Big BIG 7.8 earthquake in Turkey has a death count that is climbing (currently 1,800 dead) and with major aftershock there are more deaths sure to come. Growing up in earthquake country, I can … Continue reading

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One Lump of Stupid or Two?

Dumbo (look at those ears!) takes flight! RUBIO: The message China was trying to send is that the US can't even do anything about a balloon flying over their airspace. How can you count on them? ABC'S JONATHAN KARL: But … Continue reading

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There Are No Editors, Part Infinity

What’s that you say?!

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