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Bad Signs, Cont.

Come for the cocktails, stay for the dancing sandwiches and BJs. — Kyles (@kylieklogs) July 31, 2021 And oldie but still a goodie! And I STILL WANNA SEE DANCING SAMMICHES! Uh, scratch that. (Via Scissorhead Mountjoy on the Twitters)

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News The sentient wine box has a hot take: — Tengrain ✂️ 6-feet-away-or-6-feet-under (@Tengrain) August 1, 2021 …and I was being charitable about the sentient part. Anyway, it’s just more proof (as if we need it) that … Continue reading

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Some Fries With Your Stupid?

“If God wants me to [run against Lisa Murkowski for the Senate] I will.” Oh, thank you Dawg for this bounty we are about to receive.

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Sunday Palate Cleanser

"Oh, come on, guys. It wasn't THAT bad." — watertigernyc (@watertigernyc) August 1, 2021 I’d be proud of that, too, Goldie!

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Today’s Helpful Hint

No one is creating an official vaccine passport, but you can! How to Carry Your Vaccination Card on Your Phone I’m keeping my original paper copy safe in the house but keeping this digital version with me. There are just … Continue reading

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Floriduh Goes For The Gold

Ah, Floriduh, home of the newly wed and the nearly dead, is setting new records: Florida records most new daily COVID cases in state since pandemic began Florida reported 21,683 new COVID-19 cases — the most in the state in … Continue reading

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Get Thee Hence!

Guys, it’s a new month, a fresh start, and a new day, all of which indicate that our pal Infidel753 posted his FIRST legendary links for a new month! It’s practically pagan! And when you finish dancing around in your … Continue reading

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Sen. Ron Johnson, who is truly the Louis Gohmert of the worlds greatest debate club, wants us to know that he would support a vaccine mandate for an “incredibly deadly disease,” but said he would not support … Continue reading

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Bad Signs, Cont.

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The Darwin Variant’s March To The Sea

This says it all pretty bluntly: "if you're not vaccinated and if you have not had Covid…you're going to get the Delta variant," says the testing czar for former Pres. Trump. "On average, one person will transmit this to nine … Continue reading

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