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Joe Biden Schools Our Failed Political Press

This is really great, and good on Joe Biden for demanding accuracy from our failed Political Press: A day before the opening of President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is issuing a pre-emptive strike, … Continue reading

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Proof: Bloomberg Is Driving-up Ad Costs

I love/hate pointing out when we are right, Scissorheads, but Tiger Beat tells us that were are vindicated: Bloomberg’s massive ad campaign hikes TV prices for other candidates “Michael Bloomberg’s big-spending, shock-and-awe TV ad campaign has made politicking more expensive … Continue reading

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Today in VA

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the toxic stew of ammosexuals and gundamentalists with a soupçon of white supremacists converging in Virginia does not turn into another deadly Unite the White, er, Right tiki torch rally, but we have our … Continue reading

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Prznint Stupid Distinguishes Himself Again

“IT’S LIKE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE”: DONALD TRUMP’S ENCOUNTER WITH THE CONSTITUTION DID NOT GO WELL This article in Vanity Fair is just the best! It’s another excerpt from A Very Stable Genius. Here’s the premise: The documentary, titled The Words … Continue reading

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MLK Jr. Day

A recent Washington Post-Ipsos poll found that nearly two-thirds of African Americans believe it is a bad time to be a black person in the United States. I would like to know when it was a good time to be a … Continue reading

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Bad Signs, Cont.

Hey, it worked on oranges! (Hat tip: Scissorhead @NamelessCynic)

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The Cult of 45, part infinity

The WaPo has a really good piece that gives us the back story on Lev Parnas: In an interview with The Washington Post, he compared himself to someone emerging from a “cult,” with fresh perspective on the dizzying events of … Continue reading

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Sunday Palate Cleanser — Animal Memes (@AnimalMemer) January 19, 2020 Props comedy is hard, but this Frenchie is killin’ it at the Improv.

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Get Thee Hence!

Our pal Infidel753 has done it again! You better not waste any time, and get over there while his links are hot!

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Stable Jenius Releases Impeachment Rebuttal…

…and it’s pretty much the third-grader report when said not very bright third-grader didn’t read the book.  Read Democrats’ 111-page brief. … Read the 7-page Trump response. Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie has the reaction: … Continue reading

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