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Caption Contest!

I saw this at our local immigrant jail this morning. What do we think are the criteria for winning this award? First prize is a brown shirt. There is no second prize.

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Get thee to the twitter!

Hi there, scissorheads! It’s me, Tex, on vacation from teaching and wasting entirely too many hours following #secondcivilwarletters on the twitter machine. It’s hysterical.  Here’s my contribution, but there are thousands to choose from. Dear Jared, I tried to infiltrate the … Continue reading

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On school shootings, kids, and teachers.

Hi Scissorheads!  Remember me?  I was Tengrain’s Unindicted Co-Conspirator™ for several years, and gave up my status when I returned to full-time teaching.  Been lurking periodically, but now I am back for at least one day.  Thanks, Tengrain! I teach … Continue reading

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