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It’s Called Activism for a Reason

(The day has come. I’ve feared this day might arrive and did all I could to avoid it, but here we are. I’m sure there is a component of our community that is rolling their eyes ears, and joints right … Continue reading

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On Talk of Impeachment

Spare me. Please take note that in the event of impeachment of a President the House files the indictment, but the Senate conducts the trial. What do you think would happen if Pelosi indicted Trump? Given the balance of the … Continue reading

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Activism: We Outnumber Them – GOTV

[Ed – Sweet JEEBUS!!1!  20 19 days until the election, Scissorheads. We’re STILL keeping this on top. Fresher posts below. -Tengrain] It’s called activism, folks. Get active. From The work performed by Culinary organizers like Hagezom, for as many as 12 … Continue reading

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Chin Up.


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Activism: The Sun Will Rise.

As we can all see despite our worst fears the world has not come to an end. Roe v Wade has not been overturned. Barbarian hordes do not roam the countryside. Our political process is still functioning. That last is … Continue reading

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Activism: SCOTUS Appointment: Breathe In, Breathe Out

Your worst fears about the SCOTUS appointment are unlikely to be realized. Today we grieve our loss. Tomorrow we fight our battles. Regain your perspective. ¡Hasta Mañana, Amigos! O-    

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Updated: Activism: Speak Up. Speak Up, Now.

  Everyone has heard of the public shaming, and shunning of Trump cabinet members. One unnamed intern even went so far as to call our in the capital these words of wisdom and respectful warning – “Mr. President, fuck you.” … Continue reading

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Updated: Activism: There Comes A Time

As I’m sure everyone on the inter tubes knows the Trump admin is kidnapping children of immigrant who are asking to enter our country legally. Please note that last bit – these children are accompanying adults who are seeking to … Continue reading

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Activism: Honor Among Thieves

Since the boss is unavailable right now I can sneak one in. O- — Welcome A New Member of the Corrupt Bastards Club ™ From Digby: People thought his cabinet members are so rich they would not have to … Continue reading

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Activism: Saving Ourselves

I’ve been thinking about all the events of the past year and can’t believe we’ve gone through them all, with more to come. I want to remind everyone of the single most important thing I’ve learned and have said since … Continue reading

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