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[Scissorheads, we have an exciting guest post from the ineffable Katie Schwartz! She’s the boss! — Tengrain] The other day, I threw out my garbage in the alley, sans phone and braless- it was a quick chore. I saw two … Continue reading

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Eva Braun and Hitler do NOT have COVID-19

If you genuinely believe Trump has Coronavirus, why? Has he ever been forthcoming or honest about anything? Have we ever seen him do something that didn’t serve his agenda? Shouldn’t we ask ourselves if this declaration is tied to an … Continue reading

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We’ve been lulled into a false sense of democracy

Trump isn’t joking about an executive order to stop Biden from running. Trump isn’t trying out new material when he threatens to cut federal funding for what he deems, ‘Anarchist Jurisdictions,’ including, but not limited to, Seattle, Portland, New York, … Continue reading

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What’s the Deal with Vitamin D and COVID?

I never thought vitamin D would be as hot as TikTok’s most viral clips. Then again, I didn’t think going viral would be an aspiration. Yet, here we are. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about vitamin D and COVID. … Continue reading

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Yesterday began Jewish New Year (Shana Tova). Before learning that Big RBG, one of the most extraordinary and important women in history, and many of our lives, died, it was a vicious gut punch. I never thought she’d die — … Continue reading

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Spin a Funny Yarn in One Sentence

Who wants to play, spin a yarn about something stupid in one sentence? I’ll go first. Katie, it’s spelled coddage cheese. I thought Untouchables was pronounced oon-too-shabl-ays for an obscene amount of time. At Rite-Aid, I was too afraid to … Continue reading

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What is coronavirus revealing about you? She asked in jest

Ranting and non-sequiturs abound. I slept through the night, something I rarely do. I got lucky, and slept 7 hours of pain-free, uninterrupted sleep. Being a raging insomniac, I’ll take that action. The minute I woke up, I was looking … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Be Gone, Please

I fear this might be a rambling post. A thousand apologies. Walking today in Los Angeles, there was, I kid you not, a pedestrian bottleneck of people trying to cross the street and socially distance ourselves from each other. During … Continue reading

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Graves’ disease Increased Risk for Coronavirus

Before continuing, please be advised that I am experiencing blinding fucking rage. There is no news about risk for Coronavirus for people with Graves’ disease, so let’s look at it. If the CDC and WHO, and the news, continue refusing … Continue reading

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Coronavirus walks into America’s severely inept medical system, and, and, and

[Ed. Note: Scissorhead Katie Schwartz wrote this powerful piece – please add to the list: we need the laughs. we got some work to do, peeps. Putting this on top: I like it a lot! fresher posts below. — TG] … Continue reading

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