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The Problem with Penises

[Ed. – we’re pinning this on top, for obv. reasons.  Newer posts below. –Tengrain] This essay isn’t about bashing men. Good men know who they are. Women recognize and appreciate those men. In fact, you’re our gold standard for how … Continue reading

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If Obamacare is repealed, will you die, too?

[Ed. – Katie is one tough broad, and she means it when she tells us not to utter those two words. That said, make those calls, M-f’ers, and get this abomination defeated or Katie will haunt your ass and you … Continue reading

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I am calling for Trump to be Fired Immediately for being a White Supremacist and Nazi Sympathizer

Quick sidebar: I am outraged, and there will be extreme cursing. You have been warned. Jemele Hill co-anchors ESPN’s flagship show, SportsCenter. Via Twitter, Hill tweeted the following about Trump: Trump is a White Supremacist Trump a “bigot,” a “threat” … Continue reading

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Civil War between White Nationalists and the Rest of Us: A Survivor and Thriver Guide

We’ve received hundreds of questions from readers, such as, “if a race war erupts, should I find a spray tan salon that offers the color white?” “I have a large nose, should I get a nose job?” “What kind of … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon with Maux

A Trump non-sequitur. We all need a laugh, right? Right. Mock Paper Scissors provides exceptional satire. Though this isn’t political satire, it’s funny. On Saturday, my friend, Maureen Herman came over. Mo is a bad ass broad in every sense … Continue reading

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No Joke—Trump is the most Dangerous Threat to National Security, and nobody is stopping him

When I read this article, “Over a quarter of the members on Trump’s cybersecurity advisory council have resigned en masse,” a week ago, and it resurfaced yesterday, I was overcome by rage and fear. Read this excerpt from the letter … Continue reading

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Where do we grow from here under the White Supremacist-in-Chief?!

Like the majority of Americans, I am irate, revolted and saddened by what happened in Charlottesville. Three people lost their lives and dozens were seriously injured by a car that plowed into them, driven by a Nazi. As a result, … Continue reading

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Time Travel Pass, Please- I’d Like to Abort Several People, Thanks!

Our fearless MPS EIC, Tengrain, sent me this article, Progressivism’s Political Litmus Test: Worship at the Altar of Abortion. The first sentence was also treat, “A compliant progressive must worship at the altar of abortion.” No. No. And, no. Under … Continue reading

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Tips and Tricks for World War III

Should America be attacked by a nuclear bomb from North Korea, I think it’s a good idea to familiarize ourselves with some do’s and don’ts if we survive. None of us want to make any faux pas. I’ve also thrown … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Democracy, Thanks for the Memories, I Hope we Meet Again in my Lifetime

Hate, intolerance and fear of non-white Christians has become so mainstream and normalized by Trump, his surrogates and our lawmakers, that in six short months, we’ve forgotten what democracy looks and feels like. The Trump regime is winning. They’ve undermined … Continue reading

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