Searchable Database Of Trump’s Speaches, Tweets, Statements

Factbase is a tool that will allow you to do some quick fact checking on your own, or research all the different positions Donald Trump has taken. Includes Tweets, speeches, interviews. If it has been put on the internet, they have scooped it up.

Here’s the Factbase mission statement:

The veracity of news and the source of news is under debate. Fiction masquerading as fact. Rumor and innuendo passed as news. Established facts questioned as conflicting with belief. Stephen Colbert coined a term that was humorous at the time: Truthiness. does not engage in news or interpretation. Instead, our goal is to make available, unedited, the entire corpus of an individual’s public statements and recordings. We will locate, transcribe, index and make available this information to the public, linking directly to the originating source.

You will not find news stories on What you will find, almost instantly, is everything a person has ever said on a particular topic, with links to the primary source. Transcripts. Books. Videos. Appearances. Court filings. If we can locate it on the Internet, it will be tagged, indexed and searchable.

What we will not engage in is debate, or characterizations of comments. The pertinent information, with links to core materials, will be provided. Where the information is not free (such as books), we will follow the Google Books model: highlight the appropriate piece allowed under law, and link to where the source can be obtained.

We are testing this concept right now with the President-elect, though we plan to expand to cover other world leaders and people of note.

We want to hear from you. If there’s a problem, let us know. If we’re missing key information, please share it. This is a growing process.

Skip the spin. Go right to the source.