How to Contact Your Representative/Committees

It has been revealed the best way to reach your senators and congressional representatives is by telephone.

Here are some guidelines to help you succeed.

  1. Be respectful and professional at all times. Always use proper titles, formal language, and never vent frustrations with personal attacks, vulgarities, or threats.
  2. Be brief. Whether you are making a phone call, sending a letter, or typing an email, you should understand that staffers are very busy people. While your opinion is important, it is very likely that there are thousands of other people who are also contacting them.
  3. Be prepared. Know the details and specifics of the issues you are contacting your MoC about. The more prepared and knowledgeable you are, the more they will consider your opinion. Furthermore, by researching the MoC’s position on certain issues, you will be better equipped to develop strategies and provide counter information to overcome it if it is in opposition to yours.

I would add:

  • You will most likely be speaking with a young inexperienced intern if you speak to a live person at all. Be kind, and remember how you felt the first time you were given real responsibility at work.
  • You should not use this as an opportunity to air a laundry list of grievances. Stick to one issue, make it the only issue that matters to you at the time you call.
  • I provide a template for the issues I ask people to call on, message discipline is the best way to ensure the correct message is received.


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