Some Postprandial Stupid?

“My Preciousssss”

Wow, even the tour guide disses K-Mac.

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10 Responses to Some Postprandial Stupid?

  1. RevZafod says:

    Everyone but K-Mac and the rethugs know it.

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  3. Redhand says:

    He’s a dangerous buffoon and imbecile. Janet Yellin sent him a warning letter yesterday that the Fed. Govt will “run out of money” on June 5. Will he get the message?

    The GQP’s main “policy objective” strikes me as destroying the Fed. Govt, for, ah, freedumb. This toxic party is a menace to the nation and its people.

    I loathe these fuckwits.

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    • “The GQP’s main “policy objective” strikes me as destroying the Fed. Govt, for, ah, freedumb.”

      For them. “Freedum” for them; impoverished misery for all the rest of us.

      EVERYTHING is a zero-sum game to them, more for anyone elses is less for them and they cannot abide that.

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    • MDavis says:

      From Vanity Fair:

      Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel suggested Wednesday that while a default would likely be bad for the country, it would be good for her party politically


  4. ryinger77 says:

    Guys Guys Guys, that guide is a professional! He would never voice commentary on the Speaker! He was obviously commenting upon the gaggle like they were at a table at Milliways.

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  5. gruaud says:

    My bullshit meter is reading at ZERO.

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