Hostage Taking Today (Kobayashi Maru Scenario)

The Media has completely normalized hostage taking and so they see it as BOTH SIDES and a horserace of sorts, which means all we hear is breathless speculation (“X is in!, Y is out!”) and so we really don’t know anything about anything, but what I think we can surmise is that the DRAMA! is only starting. I have no faith in the reporting we are getting from our Failed Political Press ™ for obvious reasons (click bait and access journalism being what it is), but it seems to that there are multiple failure points ahead no matter what.

  • Republicans get their wish list, there’s no way it gets through the Senate as is.
  • Democrats negotiating somehow dilute the Republicans demands, there’s no way it passes the House and K-Mac (who is really bad at his job) is likely to get tossed out of the Speakership by his merry band of mouth breathers and orcs.
  • Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries somehow gets 5 Republicans to pass the discharge petition (highly unlikely) and have a clean debt ceiling bill pass.

I don’t think K-Mac has much motivation to negotiate without finding a way to toss the grenade to the Democrats; he loses five (5!) members of the Freedumb Caucus and it’s all over, including his speakership. Remember, he negotiated that it only takes one (1!) member of his caucus to initiate the process to remove him.

I don’t know why President Handsome Joe Biden agreed to negotiate with Domestic Tuckerists, but I can see some possible strategy that it sets up a defense in the Court of Public Opinion that he tried, the Republicans were unhinged, and now he must take Captain Kirk’s solution to the No Win Scenario and reprogram the simulation:

  • Mint the Coin
  • Declare the 14th Amendment

Time is a-wasting.

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10 Responses to Hostage Taking Today (Kobayashi Maru Scenario)

  1. If only the “Court of Public Opinion” wasn’t gatekept by the degenerate gamblers of the political press and their oligarch masters.

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  2. MDavis says:

    The coin is a chimera.
    But it might be shiny enough for distraction.

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    • gruaud says:

      How so a chimera? I sincerely (perhaps naively) think this option is viable.


      • MDavis says:

        I just did a quick search of exactly how this would work. Just to make sure I understand it a bit.
        Synopsis: mint the coin, deposit it in the bank in exchange for its minted value, use that to pay bills.
        I think I need to go think about this for a while, but my quick take is still that it’s a gimmick. It just kicks the mare’s nest down the road.
        If that’s all we have, it’s better to do that than nothing.
        When we catch up to that down-the-road mess it’ll always be a bit bigger mess to clean up. In fact that seems to be what the Republicans count on. Conservatives my rosy pink butt.


      • As long as we keep slashing income, the mess is always going to be there. pretty much the entire deficit is the result of the Shrub and TFG tax cuts for the 1%.

        Much of the rest is due to plain old tax fraud.

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      • MDavis says:

        Part of the “trickle down” scam is all about supporting tax avoidance for the rich and the wealthy. That point of view is what supported the severe underfunding of the IRS by the House. With kick backs, I suspect, as well as reducing their own taxes.
        Can’t get your phone calls to the IRS answered? Blame the IRS and pay no attention to the Representatives behind the starving of the IRS. Fewer agents, fewer people to answer the phones.
        And the people who are grinding away at the hostage taking, aren’t those the same bastages who are trying to claw back the recently passed increase in funding for the IRS? Hypocritical lying lickspittle grifting toadies. with no regard for the oath of office they took. I know, I’m being too kind. But this is a family blog.


  3. Ten Bears says:

    I don’t like to do this too often, I could be wrong, but without going into detail I’ve got a sneaking superstition that come Tuesday the Party of Twisted Panties are gonna’ have a whole lot more to twist their panties about than they do now

    With half of ’em home for the holiday, now would be good …

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