The Future Is Coming For You, Students!

The future awaits, student debt holders!

Proving once again that they hate smart people, Republicans vote to overturn student debt relief, even before our illegitimate SCOTUS can overturn it. The Republicans are a well-oiled —greasy, in fact— machine:

As the Supreme Court deliberates the future of President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, the House voted Wednesday to overturn the controversial plan to cancel more than $400 billion in debt, as well as restart loan payments for tens of millions of borrowers.

The 218-to-203 vote fell largely along party lines, with two Democrats — Reps. Jared Golden (Maine) and Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (Wash.) — joining Republicans in endorsing a resolution to scrap the president’s plan to cancel up to $20,000 of federal student debt per eligible borrower. The measure would also end the pause on federal student loan payments, a policy first introduced by the Trump administration in response to the coronavirus pandemic more than three years ago.

The resolution also would prevent the Education Department from pursuing similar policies in the future.

And so who are these Democrats? We turn to he hall monitors at Tiger Beat on the Potomac email thingie for the hot goss:

There’s not a chance that the Senate will pick this up, so this is purely positioning for the Blue Dogs who somehow won in Republican districts, but it still is a crummy thing to do.

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10 Responses to The Future Is Coming For You, Students!

  1. The House can vote to overturn a lot of stuff; they’ll learn the AZ Lege lesson: a razor-thin margin means that Dark Brandon’s veto stamp is an insurmountable obstacle.

    Also, christ on a crutch:

    “When you have the president of United States, no matter who it is, and the entire political establishment, the leader of every party, standing together on stage and saying, this is going to be good for you, it should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up a little bit…”

    When you view the “political establishment” as the enemy of the people, you’re not “the antidote to fascism”, you’re an enabler of it.

    You’re right that anti-trust is the big issue but it’s the big issue everywhere, and it’s those horrible icky partisan dirty fucking hippie leftists who have been complaining about that issue for decades.

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  2. MDavis says:

    When you view the “political establishment” as the enemy of the people…

    It’s right out of Reagan’s playbook.
    I once read a sci-fi short story about a weird invasion of bots – terrifying, life-and-freedom threatening bots on the phone babbling something incomprehensibly fast. It was eventually translated to “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. And that’s when I realized that not all sci-fi authors use their brains when they write.

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    If those good Christian Bible thumper Republican Politicians would quite thumping that Bible and actually READ IT, they might realize that the only time Jesus got physical, downright violent even, was when he was dealing with MONEY LENDERS. Compounded interest is a sin, my Bible tells me so.

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    • Mike B. says:

      They don’t care about what Jesus did or said. How about the Sermon on the Mount?: “Love your enemies, turn the other cheek, blessed are the peacemakers, etc.” Or “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Or “pay your taxes” (alright, that’s not a literal quote, but is implied by “render unto Caesar…” Doesn’t sound like the guiding principles of GOP Christians (although I admit that turning the other cheek isn’t easy nor necessarily always a good idea – but then I don’t claim to be a Christian). But it is easy not to cast a stone at people you don’t agree with.

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    • MDavis says:

      I had thought this passage was about taking advantage of people who were attending temple.
      You know, monetizing religious activities.
      I won’t object to your selection, though. If the big name, big money, preachers would listen to this they’d be paying off student loans for the good of others instead of condemning themselves to the consequences they threaten their flocks with.

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      • Mike B. says:

        I think you’re right. They weren’t money lenders, but money changers, who were ripping off foreigners who had to exchange their money for Jewish money to pay the temple tax. Jesus drove them from the temple (twice), apparently because he didn’t think cheating people was acceptable in a temple.

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      • MDavis says:

        And they were changing money so they could purchase the acceptable sacrifices. If I remember the interpretation I was told as a child correctly.
        Maybe it’s time for me to re-read some of this with a freshly jaundiced eye.

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  4. Jimmy T says:

    I feel for those students who are buried in debt. The days when you could go and attend a university and have to work a summer job to afford it are long gone. I was lucky in that as a former marine, I qualified for a public institution, and received a fairly generous contribution. It made all the difference…

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    • Seriously, when I went to the University of Arizona (starting in 1976), the state resident registration cost was $450 per year for a full class load, and anyone in the top 75% of their HS graduating class was automatically accepted.

      Today: $13,200 per year.

      That’s over 5 times the rate of inflation….

      Of course back then the state kicked in something like 80% of the UA’s budget, today it’s < 5%.

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