K-Mac Is Still Very Bad At His Job

“My Preciousssss”

If you can believe it, K-Mac (who is very bad at his job) is saying that it’s not his fault that we are hurtling towards a historic debt default:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A defiant House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday the debt ceiling standoff was “not my fault” as he sent Republican negotiators to the White House to finish out talks, but warned the two sides need more time as they try to reach a budget deal with President Joe Biden.

The guys at Pod Save Whatevs email thingie give us a bit of context:

Negotiations have dragged into their third week, and that’s unambiguously because of Republican obstinance. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said that according to White House officials, GOP negotiators rejected $3 trillion in proposed deficit reduction. Why? Because the cuts would be made by closing tax loopholes, a minimum tax for billionaires, and ending tax subsidies for oil companies. McCarthy is now also coming back to the table demanding 10 years of spending caps, when he had initially demanded six years. As predicted, GOP demands are becoming more hard-line, even further to the right, not less. They are not interested in negotiating.

And just to prove that crashing the global economy is not his fault, K-Mac (who is really bad at his job, we mean it!) is sending the miscreants and thumbsuckers back to Possum Hollar for the long weekend, as Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie reports:

On the schedule: House lawmakers are heading home for Memorial Day. After this morning’s votes the House will recess for the (extra) long weekend, even though a debt limit deal has yet to be reached. Leadership has promised that members will get 24 hours notice before they need to be back in Washington for votes. (Expect that to coincide with the promised 72-hour period for reviewing the legislation.)

The country goes into default a week from today, which makes it very unlikely that they can write a bill, read it (haha, I jest), and pass it before Thursday.

Tiger Beat, again:

Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) announced yesterday that all 213 members of th Democratic Caucus are now signed on to the discharge petition to lift the debt ceiling without spending cuts. Democratic leaders still need to find five Republicans for the petition to move forward. Those could prove elusive — especially with bipartisan talks progressing.”

Force the discharge petition, Hakeem. Mint that coin, Yellen. Invoke the 14th Amendment, Joe. Time’s a-wasting.

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5 Responses to K-Mac Is Still Very Bad At His Job

  1. They’re gonna shoot the hostage, ain’t they?

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    Yea, K Mac. It’s not your fault. It’s those darn Democrats’ fault for not rolling over on their backs (like you did) and giving you all your party demands. Didn’t someone here mention that he is “bad at his job”? It might be better to let him be thrown out by the ‘masters’. but then it would take a year to get a replacement voted in. If only there were a couple of Rthugs with testicles to vote for a discharge petition. Do they really think a default will make their party look good and the Democrats bad?

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  3. Mike B. says:

    Face it – we have a non-functional government. We could get through the debt ceiling drama, but we’ll need an appropriations bill. If the House GOP just issues demands rather than compromising, that’ll be a bigger problem than the debt ceiling, unless there are 5 bribable Republicans in the House (in terms of offering them something for their districts, not for themselves, although I wouldn’t rule that out if necessary). But most voters voted GOP in House races, so maybe they’ll reap what they’ve sown (and unfortunately, so will we).

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