Some Postprandial Stupid?

Oh, Jeebus, he said what?

You cannot make this up:

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes is asking for a sentence of time served, after he was convicted of seditious conspiracy for what prosecutors argued was a violent plan to ensure former President Donald Trump remained in the White House, though he had lost the 2020 presidential election…

Rhodes’ attorneys say his founding of the group and his military service should serve as a credit to his character.

“The character of the Oath Keepers reflects the character of the man who created it,” a memo filed Monday by Rhodes’ attorneys reads, arguing the group was created to assist in disaster relief and community protection.

“Your Honor, have mercy on my client. Now that his parents are chopped to bits, he’s an orphan.”

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6 Responses to Some Postprandial Stupid?

  1. “The character of the Oath Keepers reflects the character of the man who created it,”

    Which is exactly why he and his fellow members are in this stiuation. You’ll notice they put this in a memo so they could be well clear of the judge when he read that.

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  2. Oneofthebobs says:

    Most people overlook the fact that most of the time, Ted Bundy wasn’t killing anybody. Can’t we move along?

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  3. MDavis says:

    He should get credit for time served in the terrorist organization he founded.
    Is this a lawyer supplied by tfg?

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  4. RevZafod says:

    Oaf Creepers.

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  5. Ten Bears says:

    So … if I really believe it’s the right thing to do I can rob a bank.

    Or burn a bar/brewery/bordello; eliminate old … ahhh, nevermind.

    Good to know …

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  6. Buttermilk Sky says:

    “Oh, think of my career and my sweetheart dear and my poor old maiden aunt, I got eyes like a bat, my feet are flat and I’m workin’ in a defense plant.”

    A much better set of excuses from 1965, “Draft Dodger Rag” by the great Phil Ochs.

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