Area Fraudsters To Amend Finances, You Know, Upon Being Discovered

A couch in Omaha is missing its upholstery

This time, remember to carry the 2:

Justice Clarence Thomas intends to amend his financial disclosure forms to reflect a 2014 real estate deal he made with a GOP megadonor – an acknowledgment that the transaction should have been disclosed almost a decade ago, a source close to Thomas tells CNN.

The deal between Thomas and Harlan Crow, a Dallas real estate magnate and long-time friend of Thomas, involves the sale of three Georgia properties, including the home where Thomas’ mother, Leola Williams, 94, currently lives.

Associate US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas poses for the official photo at the Supreme Court in Washington, DC on October 7, 2022.
Thomas revelation of gifts fits a broader pattern of financial nondisclosure from the Supreme Court.

The source said Thomas has always filled out his forms with the help of aides, and that it was an oversight not to report the real estate transaction. Thomas believed he didn’t have to disclose because he lost money on the deal, according to the source. [Ed. “Sure, Jan.”]

And in related news, noted Nazi memorabilia enthusiast, inheritance tax beneficiary and proclaimed self-made billionaire Harlan Crow told the Dallas Morning News that he and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas are the victims of a “political hit job.”

“Y’all weren’t supposed t’ look at mah deals,” Crow didn’t whine. “Ah was jus’ addin’ another tyrant to mah collection, is that ah crime?,” he didn’t add.

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7 Responses to Area Fraudsters To Amend Finances, You Know, Upon Being Discovered

  1. Telll me, was he or wasn’t he a SCOTUS Justice during that (admittedly obscure and minor) DC thing “Whitewater”

    That, too was a ‘real estate deal’ where they lost money.

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  2. Stony Pillow says:

    And Merrick Garland? He’s over cowering and cringing in the corner, hoping no one will notice.


  3. gary kelly says:

    Clarifying: A bordello in Omaha is missing upholstery on a couch and a love seat.

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  4. fry1laurie says:

    Clarence told Crow, “Like I told you, it’s ‘high-tech lynching’. ‘HIGH-TECH LYNCHING!”


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