Palm Beach Man With Staten Island Tan Wants Change of Venue

(Image from: White House Photos Twitter Account

Hair Füror allegedly (‘Literally’ in Twizzler parlance) wants to move his upcoming trial to Staten Island:

Trump’s legal team may ask to move his criminal trial from Manhattan to more conservative-leaning Staten Island, report says

Former President Donald Trump’s defense team is considering asking to move his criminal trial to more conservative-leaning Staten Island, fearing that the former president wouldn’t be able to receive a fair trial in Manhattan, according to Bloomberg.

The request has the veneer of politics, as Manhattan — or New York County — is one of the most Democratic-heavy jurisdictions in the country. Staten Island, meanwhile, has long been the most conservative of New York City’s give boroughs.

Can he do that?

In a word, no:

Jennifer Rodgers, a former federal prosecutor, told Bloomberg that any attempt to shift the location of the court proceedings would likely falter as defendants aren’t enabled to seek out juries using specific barometers that would be more preferable to them.

“The only reason he would try to move venue to Staten Island is that he thinks — based on voter registration — that that’s a friendlier potential jury pool for him,” Rodgers told the news agency. “That’s not going to fly.”

Selecting a jury is an art AND a science. Jurors fill out a questionnaire, and lawyers are pretty good at putting questions in there that are revelatory.

During the in-person interview, the judge and the attorneys will be looking for clues that the person is not being honest. The Jurors are not going to be great at fooling the professionals. And you know what? The lawyers can check the internet for social media posts, too. It’s really hard for biases to go undetected.

Lord Damp Nut and his lawyers are really being amateurs if they think that voter registration alone is enough to go forum shopping.

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4 Responses to Palm Beach Man With Staten Island Tan Wants Change of Venue

  1. Jimmy T says:

    I’m left wondering if he’s gonna try to bring the J-6 choir with him…

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  2. Yet ANOTHER great reason/reminder of why using your real name to post (or do anything) online is a NO-NO.

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  3. Buttermilk Sky says:

    The change of venue will be up to Judge Merchan, the man he’s been insulting for days. Stable jenius.

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