Mouse Takes No Prisoners

H/T Scissorhead BDR and @AzPetrich

This dull tool definitely punched the wrong rodent:

Board members picked by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to oversee the governance of Walt Disney World said Wednesday that their Disney-controlled predecessors pulled a fast one on them by passing restrictive covenants that strip the new board of many of its powers. The current supervisors of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District said at a meeting that their predecessors last month signed a development agreement with the company that gave Disney maximum developmental power over the theme park resort’s 27,000 acres in central Florida.

The new supervisors replaced a board that had been controlled by Disney during the previous 55 years that the government operated as the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The new board members held their first meeting earlier this month and said they found out about the agreement after their appointments. “We’re going to have to deal with it and correct it,” board member Brian Aungst said Wednesday. “It’s a subversion of the will of the voters and the Legislature and the governor. It completely circumvents the authority of this board to govern.”

And just for fun, Walt Disney World announced the most Woke Thing Ever:

Walt Disney World Will Host ‘Out & Equal’ Summit on LGBTQ+ Rights in the Workplace


More at the WaPo.

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4 Responses to Mouse Takes No Prisoners

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Been saving this for a few days, time to drop it off…

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  2. Martin Pollard says:

    Good luck with “correcting” this, morons. One advantage of being a business powerhouse like Disney is that they can afford a legal department that makes yours look like a bunch of law school interns. I’m pretty confident that they’ve already thought of every scenario and made sure that the agreement they came up with is air-tight. <insert Nelson Muntz “Ha-ha!” here>

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    • Redhand says:

      You beat me to it. And while some are calling this a “dirty trick,” that’s bullshit. Disney’s entire investment in Florida was predicated on this control. As “Beau of the Fifth Column” observes, it is “part of their brand.” It’s definitely worth a look!

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  3. RevZafod says:

    “The Mouse That Roared” by Leonard Wibberly, V 2.0.


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