Why Do Side Doors Hate America?

Here we go again: Cherchez Les Portes! 

I’m waiting for Ayatollah Ted Cruz to propose banning doors.

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9 Responses to Why Do Side Doors Hate America?

  1. Steve & Eydie have the answer

    A room without windows, a room without doors
    A room where no guy but I can shoot our guns on yours
    Like being marooned on a island far from civilized shores
    You and me in a room without windows, a room without doors

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  2. Well they have very few mass shootings in prisons, and to honest, sticking the kids in a prison on day 1 would certainly grease the school-to-prison pipeline.

    Bonus, they can be put to work for free thanks to the 13th amendment!

    Win Win for the fascists!

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  3. chrisliebenthal says:

    Video shows the glass doors were shot out and the perp entering that way.

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    • tengrain says:

      Capper –

      Yeah. But they will focus on the doors and not on the guns. They will focus on anything EXCEPT the guns.




      • chrisliebenthal says:

        That was my point, in my own awkward way.
        Oh, and the police said that the shooter was under physician’s care for emotional issues. (My professional guess is depression and PTSD, secondary to the abuse and bullying she experienced at the school.) Yet, they were able to legally buy 7 weapons, thanks to Diaper Donnie striking down the law that would have prevented the shooting.

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  4. Dave G says:

    If side doors were outlawed, only outlaws would have side doors, and then we would know who the outlaws are.


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