UPDATED: Another School Shooting

H/T Scissorhead Jimmy-T

I’m a bad person, but upon hearing the news of yet ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING but this time at a Christian School, my first thought was, well maybe now Republicans might finally eff’ing do something. But who am I kidding?

I do not know what to make of the gunman being a gunwoman, except that it was bound to happen sooner or later. I don’t know if this is a step towards equality or not. A lot of gun violence profiling is going to be rewritten, as the killer shattered the glass ceiling.

When I put that gun piece up this morning, I had no idea that by the afternoon this would happen, but we are in America, awash with guns. I suppose I should have known or guessed.

UPDATE 1: Thoughts and prayers:

Gee, who could have guessed…


Prediction: before the night is over, we’ll have politicians proposing transpeople restrictions rather than gun control.

UPDATE 3: Headlines from conservative rags are leaning HARD into the trans angle. When have they done that with cisgendered white dudes?


Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale: Who is 28-year-old transgender woman who opened fire at Covenant school

and Daily Mail

Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale, 28, is transgender former student who plotted massacre in forensic detail and wrote-up manifesto explaining her actions


Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale identified as transgender and had detailed manifesto to attack Christian academy

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  1. I do not know what to make of the gunman being a gunwoman, except that it was bound to happen sooner or later.

    Maybe she just doesn’t like Mondays.

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  2. RevZafod says:

    I posted this comment at Charlie’s shebeen: “129 mass shootings in 86 days. That works out to 1.5 per day. I think that’s a bit excessive, gun nuts. Please tone it down.”

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  3. Also I was just recently reliably informed that all of these school shootings were because we took Gawd out of the schools.


    Funny how that didn’t work here in an explicitly Christian private school.

    And Andy Ogles can go fuck himself with rusty pitchfork; all allow him to ue his thoughts and prayers as a lube…

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  4. IM RowPog says:

    Is it the lighting, or does the young lady have fashion-color assault weapon?
    Tres chic!
    Although, …. Santa Jack might ask if this is part of the war on Christmas?

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  5. Mike B. says:

    According to the police on the TV news, they think the shooter identified as trans, and went to that school some time ago.

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    • And was armed with a handgun and two assault rifles. excuse me, “battle rifles” (according to the Texas State Police)

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    • paul fredine says:

      why should the ‘fact’ that she identified as trans matter except that it gives the right more ammo (no pun intended) to promote their attempts to pass more anti-trans laws?


      • Redhand says:

        it gives the right more ammo (no pun intended) to promote their attempts to pass more anti-trans laws?

        We will have to see what the shooter’s “manifesto” says, but I harbor the strong suspicion that a toxic anti-trans atmosphere in the school is what sent the shooter over the edge. This is just what deSadist is trying to establish in Florida state schools.

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  6. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Every article about a mass shooting should contain one paragraph explaining how the gun manufacturers and their wholly owned subsidiary, the NRA, WANT the bad guys to have guns. They fight tooth and nail to prevent law enforcement even the most basic tools they need to keep guns out of bad guys hands. It has nothing to do with the second amendment, it is all about profits. Obviously they make money selling guns to bad guys. Far more importantly they would have a hard time convincing good guys to buy guns to protect themselves if the bad guys didn’t have guns.

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  7. And, I was going to send this to TG for a Midday Palate Cleanser candidate, but kinda feel we all need it right away…

    Mrs BDR who spends too much just the right amount of time on Imgur sent this along this afternoon. We are QUITE familiar with the Cheese Tax in our household!

    [video src="https://i.imgur.com/E2mKAHS.mp4" /]


  8. Jimmy T says:

    The White House press secretary has something to say…

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  9. Zorba says:

    Every time I hear about arming the teachers, I shudder.
    I’m a retired Special Education teacher, and there’s no way in hell I would have taught if I had to wear a gun.

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  10. Zorba says:

    Reblogged this on Politicians Are Poody Heads and commented:

    I was a Special Ed teacher. What would my gun have been? {Sigh} 😢

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  11. osirisopto says:

    Well, the solution is obvious. No trans person will ever be allowed to purchase or posses a firearm again.


  12. There is something that can be done better in the meantime (while Repubs sit on their hands with their fingers up their asses) -better security in schools.
    Speaking of female school shooters, wasn’t the “first” (that I was aware of, anyway) a female? -the San Diego school shooter had that Boomtown Rats song “I Don’t Like Mondays” based off her in the late 70’s.


    • Er uhm … I need to read the comments before commenting as this (my comment) was already said (by BDR) … pardon whilst I go wash this egg off my face ….


      • (continuing my “feeling small” tour) … 2 things: 1) I wish WordPress had a “delete” (and/or “edit”) button so we could erase the faux pas as they happen and 2) I see why I didn’t see BDR’s comment -because there’s so many (comments) that some are hidden for space purposes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a grade-A shlemiel 😜


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