¡JebSantis! Losing Beer Contest To Hair Füror

H/T Scissorhead BDR and @AzPetrich

Yup, the ol’ Who Would You Like To Have A Beer With contest has started, and it seems Meatball is not one of the mouth-breathers favorites:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ pre-campaign campaign for president has hit the skids — particularly among key blocs of voters he’ll need to dethrone former President Donald Trump next year.

Polls show Trump dominating his likely primary competitor among GOP voters in the so-called “beer track” — a shorthand for the cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of the bloc of voters with lower incomes and levels of educational attainment.

While DeSantis is still the preferred candidate of high-income voters and those with college degrees, he is showing signs of bleeding there, too. In recent weeks, Trump’s numbers have been rising among all Republicans, including with GOP voters most skeptical of his candidacy in the so-called “wine track.”

I guess there is no pudding track.

Anyway, short, shrill, and uncharismatic seems to be a wall. Let’s put a tack in this, because it is probably a real weakness in Possum Hollar. I know Lord Damp Nut doesn’t drink, but this crowd doesn’t care about that. Chimpy didn’t drink, either, and he easily beat John Kerry on that beer track, too.

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8 Responses to ¡JebSantis! Losing Beer Contest To Hair Füror

  1. Oneofthebobs. says:

    The name “Meatball” just doesn’t work for me. I suggest “Sporkfingers”.

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    • MDavis says:

      If you’re going with that story, why not “Puddinghead”?

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      • Oneofthebobs says:

        Same problem I have with “Meatball”. It could be a term of endearment.


      • MDavis says:

        Good point.
        Sporkfinger has too many syllables, what with the hard stop of the K in the middle. SporkHand sounds like a supervillain, and he’s… no super.
        Gator bait? Maybe still too friendly.
        Gogo? after the boots. Nah, gogo dancers were appealing, although folks wanted to believe they would go for the highest bidder – allegedly a DeSantis trait – he isn’t appealing.
        Heeey – let’s call him Pocahontas. All the red hats already know that’s an insult, right?


    • retiredeng says:

      Not “Shithead” then.


  2. Jimmy T says:

    Ron makes a rather nasty mouseketeer…


  3. Richard says:

    Do not underestimate him. He is dangerous.
    I can think of hundreds of people i could drink a beer with.
    This guy is not on the list. Can you even imagine that?


  4. Richard says:

    Let’s save this image. It might be useful.


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